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Things to do with blackberries which aren't either crumble or pie?

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TheOriginalSteamingNit Fri 24-Aug-12 17:14:06

Any awesome inspiring suggestions, please? One of the few things that's grown properly and done as it should in our garden this year is our splendid blackberry bush, which is laden with big fat juicy blackberries and is of a variety that doesn't even have thorns, so a joy to pick.

However I'm bored with crumbles and pies every year. I only defrosted last years berries a few weeks ago, having got so tired of them by last October!

Inspire me?

AmandinePoulain Fri 24-Aug-12 17:16:55

I made this last year and it was lovely smile

dinkystinky Fri 24-Aug-12 17:17:29


Tis lovely...

TheOriginalSteamingNit Fri 24-Aug-12 17:19:09

amandine it does look nice!

what does one do to make vodka then? Is it like sloe gin, which I love because it tastes medicinal and as though it might be doing you good ....?

HoratiaWinwood Fri 24-Aug-12 17:21:26

Eton mess or pavlova.


SoupDragon Fri 24-Aug-12 17:22:23


ImNotInsaneMyMotherHadMeTested Fri 24-Aug-12 17:22:27

Coulis is lovely - boil up the blackberries with some lemon juice and sugar, push through a sieve, perhaps freeze it in an ice tray and just defrost a cube when you need it, to put over icecream?

TheOriginalSteamingNit Fri 24-Aug-12 17:22:49

Nobody eats jam in this house really ... My mum gives me some every year and I end up guiltily throwing most of it away in the end. Sorry, mum blush

blabalalalablabla Fri 24-Aug-12 17:26:12

Nigel Slater does a nice roast duck with blackberry and apple sauce if you want to go savoury...

blackberry clafouti?

blackberry friand?

dinkystinky Fri 24-Aug-12 17:27:26

Cheap vodka, heap of blackberries, load of sugar - put in a kilner jar and leave somewhere cool and dark and swish round every week of so - after about 6 weeks you can then strain out the blackberries and you have some truly delicious bberry vodka to enjoy. Made it last Christmas and it disappeared within a day (not all drunk by me I hasten to add)

TheOriginalSteamingNit Fri 24-Aug-12 17:29:00

Mmm I fancy that duck now! I will be the only one who has any of the sauce, the rest of the family tending to spurn fruity sauces with meat, but who cares: they all like duck!

TheOriginalSteamingNit Fri 24-Aug-12 17:29:29

dinky do you drink it with mixers or by itself?

TheWonderfulFanny Fri 24-Aug-12 17:33:13

Chuck them in yoghurt for breakfast. lush.

ElectronicDischarge Fri 24-Aug-12 17:34:39

Another vote for blackberry vodka here! I drank it on its own. But it works well with lemonade and also a splash of lime cordial.

BellaVita Fri 24-Aug-12 17:37:28

Blackberry fool.

I make oat bars with ours too.

blondieminx Fri 24-Aug-12 17:43:34

blackberry and orange tray bake went down a storm when I made this last year

apple & blackberry loaf cake I'm going to try and make this on Monday

I will also be freezing as many as I can so I can make loads of pear and blackberry crumble over the winter! smile

COCKadoodledooo Fri 24-Aug-12 18:31:56

I do what dinky does, but with gin instead (vodka's for strawberries/raspberries in this house!). Bloody lush it is!

harbingerofdoom Fri 24-Aug-12 19:23:32

BellaVita I'd love to see your oat bar recipe. Do you make flapjacks and the throw them in grin (my cooking) or more sophisticated?

DCSsunhill Fri 24-Aug-12 19:37:48

Blackberry ice-cream. Madeand ate loads yesterday.

500g blackberries
4 egg whites
1/2 pint double cream
250g castor sugar

Warm and soften berries with a bit of water at the bottom of thepan and a sprinkle of sugar to taste. Puree and press through sieve. Whip egg whites into softpeaks. fold in sugar, return to peaks. Whip double cream to peaks. Fold in with egg Whites and berries. Freeze. Stir after an hour then freeze all night.

Tis lush and vair posh.

balia Fri 24-Aug-12 19:42:20


'Tis yummy - made two trays with the kids this very afternoon - and it uses loads of blackberries.

BlueEyeshadow Fri 24-Aug-12 19:44:35

Merringue topping, served with custard... Drool!

MrsMcNulty Fri 24-Aug-12 19:46:19

Jam. Or we make "syrup" to pour over ice cream - DD will not eat them in fruit form in anything! Put washed berries in pan with sprinkle of sugar, heat til they go squidgy, pass through sieve to remove seeds, put in jar on fridge.

Lovecat Fri 24-Aug-12 19:47:24

Summer pudding - add strawbs and rasps and a spoonful of honey, warm through til there's loads of juices, soak slices of a squashy white loaf in the juices and line a pudding bowl with it, then layer the fruit inside and top with a circle of soaked bread. Put a plate on top with a weight and leave overnight in the fridge. The soaking and chilling does something amazing to the bread, making it taste almost ice-cream like.

Blackberry gin also good smile

nextphase Fri 24-Aug-12 19:49:13

Stewed Apple and Blackberry for topping off cereal, yoghurt or icecream. Yummy!

WhispersOfWickedness Fri 24-Aug-12 19:50:40

Damn, balia beat me to the recipe I was going to suggest grin it's bloody lovely smile

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