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Interesting vegan buffet stuff for boxing day tea

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popsicicle Thu 18-Dec-03 17:24:52

Was gpoing to cook a special cooked meal but decided on a buffet as 14 people will be coming......
2 vegans and 3 veggies.......
any ideas????
i can handle the carnivores among us myself!!!

twiglett Thu 18-Dec-03 17:26:22

message withdrawn

Festivefly Thu 18-Dec-03 17:27:44

Dips, Houmuss with pine nuts, guacamole, roast veg, courgette pate,

popsicicle Thu 18-Dec-03 17:28:58

courgette do you do that!?!?
oh hold on,.....i bought sis a book on vegan cookery for part of xmas pressie....might just unwrap it......
woul dlike something i can make early next week and freeze if possible other than boring stuff

Festivefly Thu 18-Dec-03 17:31:02

Its more like courgette spread, i put it on little bits of toasted french bread it is GORGEOUS

popsicicle Thu 18-Dec-03 17:31:16

how do you make it?

BrightBaubleBeetroot Thu 18-Dec-03 17:32:37

Message withdrawn

alison222 Thu 18-Dec-03 17:36:28

how about spicy cous=-cous?
A doddle to make
Just fry an onion and some garlic, add harrissa sauce a tin of chick peas cous cous and vegetable stock for the amount of water it says on the packet. turn off heat.Leave for 10 mins then heat through and serve - nice hot or cold
you can buy harrissa or make it. If you want the recipe let me know
Also great as a main meal served with roasted pettper and aubergine

pasta salad
nice bread
fruit salad
pies or crumble made with stork rather than butter

baked potato

popsicicle Thu 18-Dec-03 17:38:38

is stork vegan??
that is useful to know....
what is harrissa?

TinselDragon Thu 18-Dec-03 17:39:18

Oooh, I like the sound of courgette pate (having just purchased duck pate for the canivores)

Festivefly Thu 18-Dec-03 17:40:38

Extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic
1-2 small dried red chillis
8 small courgettes, unevenly sliced
salt and pepper
juice of on lemon

Four tblespoons of oil in hot pan, fry garlic and chillies for a few mins, throw in courgettes, turn and coat them. Turn the heat down, lid on, stir every five minutes for 35 minutes. When courgettes are really soft with some chunky bits and some pulpy bits, remove from heat. Smash up , add more oil to flavour and loosen. Season, finally add lemon juice.

Festivefly Thu 18-Dec-03 17:44:55

And also try here

alison222 Thu 18-Dec-03 17:47:34

pretty sure that Stork is only made with vegetable fats - has no whey in it or other milk products. You can also get other margerines but read the labels - remember this from whan DS was on a dairy free diet for Excema.

Harrissa is a moroccan spicy sauce. You can buy it ready made in the supermarket or make it -
2tblespeoons hot chilli sauce and 1 teaspoon each of crushed garlic ground corriander ground cumin and mint. salt to taste.
Stores in a glass jar in the fridge covered in oil for ages

popsicicle Thu 18-Dec-03 17:52:32

some lovely ideas
like your link too FF - some good idea on there!!!
need a shoopping list now...
ff how long will the courgette thikng last?
is it freezable or do in need to make it on the day

TinselDragon Thu 18-Dec-03 17:53:53

Sainsbury's Organic Olive Spread is dairy free, but only the organic one, not their ordinary version. Just check the lables carefully.

popsicicle Thu 18-Dec-03 17:56:00

rhnaks folks..that really does help
you can always rely on mumsnet

bobthebaby Thu 18-Dec-03 18:53:40

My brother is vegan and he can't eat Stork. Not in the UK so can't check that for you. Holland and Barrett do some porkless pies and fake sausage rolls. They are tasty. You have to ring and find out the delivery day though, because they sell out on that one day.

popsicicle Thu 18-Dec-03 19:21:41

cheers bobthebaby!!

turnupthejinglebells Thu 18-Dec-03 23:12:18

are you vegan festivefly? have always thought that it must be very difficult - but then I suppose a lot of that is sheer laziness (so much easy junk food about really).

I am definitely leaning towards being veggie though - going off meat more and more especially the more I hear about how badly animals are treated (even supposed well treated ones). And have been eating a lot more easy veggie things recently (Quorn Cottage Pie a favourite!).

bobthebaby Fri 19-Dec-03 01:30:51

My brother has found heaps of vegan junk food. At first he lost loads of weight and then he discovered which biscuits he could have and went back up again.

Janeway Fri 19-Dec-03 08:30:28

leek suasage rolls
wrap thin leeks in puff pastry (you should be able to buy this with only vegetable fat) and then cut into cocktail lengths - bake in moderately hot oven - you could do a mushroom sauce to dip into using either soya cream or regular and note for veggies only.

Janeway Fri 19-Dec-03 08:36:55

another one which is fun to make (the guests do the hard work) is fresh spring rolls

you need rice spring roll wraps (some supermarkets do them but oriental shops do larger ones) and a bowl of hot water for softening them.
at the side have loads of chopped veg (peppers, spring onions, carrots etc) and beansprouts. Also have some tasty stuff like peanut butter and hoi-sin sauce, perhaps some smoked tofu

the guests soften the rice wrapp, fill it up roll it and eat it - they taste very fresh and the act of participating in the prep is a great icebreaker.

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 19:25:43

just re-checking this thread before braving the shops tomorrow....
will let youknow how i get on!!

hmb Mon 22-Dec-03 19:37:17

If you can't find soft rice wrappers, you can do the same thing with lettuce leaves. Very tasty.

popsycal Mon 22-Dec-03 19:39:29

could you do it with tortilla wrao thingys maybe???

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