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Decaff tea - any recommendations?

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I have decided to cut back on caffeine a bit, I drink a lot of tea, 7 or 8 cups a day. However last time I tried decaff 6 or 7 years ago when pregnant it was pretty crap (PG Tips/Tetleys).

Can anyone recommend a good brand? I like a strong cuppa and don't want to switch to Earl Grey / herbals etc (they are OK occasionally but I don't like them enough to drink in large quantities).

TeamGlaikitBritain Mon 30-Jul-12 09:24:02

Tetleys red bush is alright, you can taste the difference to start with, butbim used to it now. I think because it's naturally caffeine free it doesnt have that chemically taste other decafs have.

mrssmooth Mon 30-Jul-12 09:26:06

I usually have Tetleys ... you get a good strong cuppa. Have also tried own-brand supermarket ones and although they are OK, they are a bit watery compared to Tetleys.

comelywench Mon 30-Jul-12 09:33:57

You could try twinnings decaff if you want a standard type tea, but I would highly recommend checking out teapigs.

My personal favs are Redbush Creme Caramel; Spiced winter tea (a bit like chai, but redbush and decaff); and liquorice and peppermint (I don't normally go in for herbals, but this is sooo flavoursome). I like the idea of drinking naturally decaff teas rather than ones that have been messed about with IYSWIM. They do one teabag taster packets if you want to taste it first, although a lot of cafes sell it around here anyway!

Thanks, I have tried Redbush in the past and not liked it, never tried Teapigs (I rarely go in the sort of cafes that might sell them TBH, we're out in the sticks).

However I really don't like anything except a good old cuppa, I've never liked chai, or anything spicy, or pepperminty! I like the naturally decaff idea, but I just don't seem to like any of them. Sorry, being a bit negative there. I will have a look at the Teapigs range, see if any of them take my fancy.

I will probably also give the Twinings or Tetleys go, Tetleys might have improved since we last had it and Twinings is our regular brand.

I'm also going to go and browse reviews on Ocado. Thanks again.

Sunflower101 Mon 30-Jul-12 11:23:47

I like the Tetley decaf myself, how about Yorkshire Tea decaf? Although I've not tried them I find their regular tea a bit strong and this might be the case for the decaf too and you might like?

I'm not that keen on the Yorkshire normal one maybe because it's what my parents use and they only put one bag in the teapot no matter how many cups they are making which produces dishwater you'd never think they were from Yorkshire oh no.

However I've had a good look at the Ocado reviews now and it rates highly there and together with the Yorkshire heritage, that has to be a front runner. Clipper appeals because it is decaffeinated without chemicals (whatever that means) but taste wise has mixed reviews. Twinings English Breakfast is also highly rated. Punjana has one review which say it is strong and tasty! Oh what to do. Might just have to buy a pack of each of several and try them out.

Kaloobear Mon 30-Jul-12 13:06:55

Waitrose essential decaff tea is brilliant-I can't taste that it's decaff or 'essential'!

sunnydays81 Mon 30-Jul-12 13:08:04

I love the tesco's own brand decaf tea drink it all the time now and can't tell the difference from normal tea also there tesco's finest earl grey decaf is rather yummy too smile

Aimhighinlife Mon 30-Jul-12 13:10:37

Haven't found a decaf tea that tastes the same as 'real' tea but the best one IMO is Yorkshire tea decaf.

The Waitrose one gets good reviews on Ocado too. Hmmm.

PersonalClown Mon 30-Jul-12 13:40:46

Yorkshire decaff or Twinings Everyday Decaff.
Everything else sucks IMO.

I drink 6+ cups a day and I'm not talking piddly little cups, I'm talking pint sized mugs!!

Yorkshire is great for a strong cuppa. A bag per cup or 3-4 in an average teapot works fine.

Looks as though Yorkshire is winning. Personal - that's exactly what I say to my mum, a bag per cup or 3 bags for 4 people in the pot, every time she hands me yet another grey cuppa. If we're really lucky she'll put in two bags for 4 people and then mutter about it being a waste, it's not as if they can't afford them or anything <bitter>

TheJoyfulTripleJumper Mon 30-Jul-12 13:47:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EldritchCleavage Mon 30-Jul-12 13:55:30

Co-op decaff is pretty good.

DawEtoHaul Mon 30-Jul-12 13:56:00

I agree, none of them taste like normal tea, but I'm getting on quite well with Tetley's at the moment. I personally didn't like the Yorkshire tea but I have to agree it is a very strong flavour.

I used to drink Clipper through my last pregnancies bu it's got a bit of a nutty taste.

I'm sure teapigs is lovely - but maybe a bit pricey for everyday? I spent not far short of a fiver on some for a friend recently shock!

comelywench Mon 30-Jul-12 20:15:14

I got addicted to teapigs blush I try to only have one or two cups a day and drink twinnings for the rest of it. I don't have many other expensive habits. I stay in of an evening and wear hand-me-downs for the most part. I shall stop trying to justify myself. I need teapigs and can't help myself.

I've just had a look at the Teapigs website - wow, what a lot of choice. I think I need to try a few of them. Comely - there are far worse things you could be addicted to!

Ponders Mon 30-Jul-12 21:43:23

I've been drinking decaff since I was pg with DC2 (28 years ago shock)

Tesco, Lidl & Typhoo all taste fine, I get whatever's cheapest.

Needs to brew for a few minutes though or else it's just brown milky water grin

Ponders Mon 30-Jul-12 21:43:45

oh, & Tetley's

GodisaDj Mon 30-Jul-12 21:51:30

I like Clipper Everyday Decaffeinated Tea, Organic, think they were from Sainsburys as i had them at a training day the other week. Lovely but I need to get through my PG boxes that I brought on offer the other month first!

dwpanxt Mon 30-Jul-12 21:51:39

I like a good cuppa but only ever drink Decaf .

In my experience I dont think Yorkshire decaf is worth the extra money.

I will not touch Tetley ,PG or Asda own brand at any price.

I have found though that Tescos own brand ,sainsburys own brand and Lidl or Aldi own brand <not much help - cant remember which> all make a very acceptable cup of tea.

comelywench Mon 30-Jul-12 22:14:11

Thanks WhoKnows I'm desperately trying to stay away from their Matcha tea, but they make it look so tempting................

Well, I've popped a pack of Yorkshire in my Ocado basket for tomorrow, and I might stop in at Lidl on my way home from work (provided it doesn't make me miss too much gymnastics). Will report back tomorrow night, thank you all for your help. I might do a blind tasting on DH (we know how to live in the fast lane!)

Comely - which Teapigs would you recommend, given that I don't like spicy or peppermint flavours? <flexes credit card>

comelywench Tue 31-Jul-12 07:56:06

I'm afraid I've mostly tried spicy or minty ones, but I love creme caramel if you like creamy sweet kind of teas. You can't taste that it's redbush. I love creme caramel, but don't like redbush IYSWIM. My husband LOVES their super fruits tea, but I'm not really into fruit teas.
Beyond that I can't help much because once I find something I like I tend to stick to it. I'm adventurous like that! I think you could try any version of their tea that you like other brand's versions of - I drink twinnings chai in the day, but in my heart I'm thinking of teapigs - it's just too expensive to have as my main daily tea. I suppose your other options would be camomile flowers or lemongrass if you want to stick to caffeine free, but I haven't tried either of those.
I fear our palettes may not have the same tastes! They're really lovely tho!

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