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Cheese, what's best for baby?

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Davros Fri 12-Dec-03 11:37:57

If I want to mix some cheese in to vegetables to provide some protein, what's the best sort for a 9 month old? I'm worried about salt I suppose.... I'm also a bit cautious when it comes to protein at all and have been quite happpy for her to live on fruit and vegatables (and any seeds or berries she finds on the floor! not really btw).

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M2T Fri 12-Dec-03 11:42:11

Davros - I gave ds just plain old meduim cheddar. Get the white sort to avoid colourings. Ds (now 2.5ys) lurrrrvs all cheeses now and its very good for them

I found I could get him to eat almost anything if there was a little cheese melted into in.

I used to be worried about the salt content, but somehow I always thought the benefit of it was far greater.... and you tend to use quite small amounts.

Tinker Fri 12-Dec-03 11:44:07

Port Salut - my daughter lives on it

M2T Fri 12-Dec-03 11:47:33

Mmmmmmmmm Port Salut! Yum!

Ds likes that. In fact he will even eat parmesan on its own I grate it!!!

boyandgirl Fri 12-Dec-03 14:53:48

There isn't much difference in salt content between all the firm 'yellow' cheeses. Blue cheeses are saltier, as is parmesan because it's basically pickled in brine. My ds loves Jarlsberg because of the holes!

At 9m you could give your dd lentils, if you're uneasy about meat. That was the first protein my two had, followed by venison (I felt it was the most free-range meat available, plus it's very tasty!).

Davros Fri 12-Dec-03 15:19:27

Thanks so much everyone, you know what its like, a silly anxiety but......
Woohoo, venison! Great idea, I'll keep it in mind when we get to that stage. I think I'll try lentils and will be making a trip to Neals Yard soon so maybe she'll get something v posh!

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Twinkie Fri 12-Dec-03 15:29:07

Message withdrawn

boyandgirl Fri 12-Dec-03 15:29:52

All from Tesco!

Red lentils are easy to boil up, but if you're feeling particularly 'exhausted', Tesco do tinned organic lentils - virtually ready-to-feed!

Davros Fri 12-Dec-03 19:09:27

Oooh, tinned lentils, Boots cheese sauce and pheasant here I come!

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suzywong Fri 12-Dec-03 20:01:45

If making the cheese look interesting here's a trick:
I cut edam in to triangles, just cut the short side of the wedge, and with a few more cuts it is .... rocket ship cheese!!! and DS with eat in until the cows come home.

The point is you can make it in to shapes quite easily due it's natural form and texture. You could cut out stars with a biscuit cutter ... or you may have better things to do.

skerriesmum Sun 15-Feb-04 20:58:38

Hello from Ireland! I have been giving regular cheddar to my 12 month old, he loves it. Also he likes Philadelphia sandwiches. I used to worry about salt too but I think it's OK. I'm just wondering, he's not great to drink milk from a cup (I'm slowly weaning from breast, he just gets boob morning and bedtime now), but likes water and diluted juice at meal and snack times. He does EAT lots of calcium rich foods: besides cheese, petits filous, yogurts etc. The health nurse thinks he should drink milk though. Who knows how much dairy is good per day, and in what forms??!

nutcracker Sun 15-Feb-04 21:03:47

To be honest if he's having lots of calcium rich foods then i wouldn't worry.

I have a question about the lentils though :

Have never had them, or given them to my kids. Have always thought about it but wouldn't have a clue what to do with them. Any one care to give me a cooking lesson ???

vivie Sun 15-Feb-04 21:38:27

Nutcracker, try this one -

Lentil spaghetti sauce (for 4)

Fry one chopped onion and one clove of garlic in veg oil until softened.

Stir in one tbsp tomato puree, one tin chopped tomatoes, approx 250g red lentils (rinsed first), 1/2 tsp mixed dried herbs and 1/2 tsp cinnamon.

Add enough boiling water to cover. Bring to a simmer and cook for about 25 mins until the lentils are soft. You will need to stir every now and then and add more hot water if it looks like it's drying out.

Serve with spaghetti and grated cheese and a salad. V. Tasty and v. cheap. I make huge vats of this and freeze it. You can add other veg after the onions, such as mushrooms, pepers, etc if you like.

When cooking pulses of any kind always add boiling water if they dry out and never add salt until they are cooked (otherwise they go hard and leathery).

melsy Mon 16-Feb-04 12:08:39

Sounds nice vivie.

What cheeses for a 5month old to up her calcium , having trouble with milk.

When can my dd have that she is 5months, can i just puree it or are some things not meant at this age.

mummytojames Tue 24-Feb-04 23:13:26

vive you are my little angel i have been wondering what i can give my son (6 months old)with pasta apart from chease sauce and tinned tomatoe as he hates beef thanks you have just helpe hi protien intake

GenT Wed 25-Feb-04 05:40:17

Has anyone given mini Babybels to babies? You have to fight mine to get a Babybel back. The large Babybels are nice and creamy too.

sjho Sun 29-Feb-04 15:18:59

does anyone know at what age my baby can eat dairylee

vivie Tue 02-Mar-04 19:45:51

Glad to help mtj! I don't want to come over all pulse-mad but tinned kidney beans make really good finger food. They're one of ds's favs, probably because of the colour, but they're easy to pick up and soft - and v. nutritious. Sainsbury's do organic ones without sugar or salt.

dori2834 Sat 17-Oct-20 18:22:35

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

OldGreyBoots Sat 17-Oct-20 20:32:48

Check the date.

FraughtwithGin Sat 17-Oct-20 23:11:58

I would go for goat or sheep's cheese first, if you think the dairy might be an issue.

Cascade220 Sun 18-Oct-20 15:38:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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