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Evian - safe for babies?

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franch Mon 27-Feb-06 15:54:30

I used to give DD1 'Spa' water because of its low mineral content, but remember reading that the French use Evian to make up formula. Does anyone know definitively whether it's OK for babies? It's so much easier to get hold of than Spa.

spacecadet Mon 27-Feb-06 15:55:55

im sure i remember being told that you shouldnt give bottled water to babies.

PiccadillyCircus Mon 27-Feb-06 15:58:20

I know there is one brand that is meant to be better but I can't remember if it's Vittel or Evian

Caribbeanqueen Mon 27-Feb-06 16:08:02

I think it is Evian which is supposed to be OK.

franch Mon 27-Feb-06 16:15:51

Yes spacecadet that's definitely the general rule because of the mineral content but Spa is an exception, just need confirmation about Evian

franch Mon 27-Feb-06 16:17:46

Looks like Evian and Vittel may be ok ...

spidermama Mon 27-Feb-06 16:19:08

I thought you should always use Mineral water because spring water is allowed to have loads more dodgy additives than even tap water.

Or something.

We're an informed lot aren't we?

franch Mon 27-Feb-06 16:24:43

"What Really Works" says:

"Spa water has a very low mineral content, with no more calcium or magnesium than soft tap water, but this low mineral content makes it good for people with kidney disease.

Volvic water also has a low mineral content.

The French water Badoit has one of the highest sodium contents of bottled mineral waters, and almost 25% of the RDA for calcium, and 28% of the RDA for magnesium. It is also very high in bicarbonate.

Perrier water is also high in bicarbonate, but the calcium content is only around 18% of the RDA.

San Pellegrino, the Italian mineral water, has less sodium than Badoit but 17% of the RDA for magnesium, and 23% of the RDA for calcium.

Evian provides a reasonable source of magnesium and calcium, and bicarbonate.

As a general rule, don’t give babies mineral and bottled waters, because the mineral content may not be appropriate for small babies’ kidneys, and also because they may not be bacteriologically safe – tap water that has been filtered, then boiled and cooled is still your best bet."

Seems fair enough.

newkid Mon 27-Feb-06 16:36:14

needs to have a low sodium content, esp for v small babies. Evian is the lowest from my experience (I investigated this when travelling with dd; she was mostly breastfed, but topped up with formula). I can't remember the figures but if you look at the sodium content of evian and compare it with some other waters, you'll be amazed at how much higher some of the figures are.

newkid Mon 27-Feb-06 16:36:45

forgot to add, it was actually my hv that suggested evian...

pupuce Mon 27-Feb-06 16:42:25

Evian is always used by French mums (the French have a label on the bottles which are OK for making up formula).
You would not use Badoit to make bottles... it's fizzy!

I am Belgian - know Spa well of course - and never heard of it used by mothers in Belgium, they'd use Evian!

pupuce Mon 27-Feb-06 16:48:23

According to French websites these are the waters that are suitable for making formula:

Spa reine
Mont Roucous, une des plus pures

From here :

franch Mon 27-Feb-06 16:53:37

That's useful pupuce, thanks

kitbit Sat 11-Mar-06 09:06:24

Evian is definitely OK. It's the sodium content that matters the most (salt, obviously!). We live in Spain so have taken a long look at all the bottled waters and here you can use: Evian, Font Vella, Bezoya and a few others I can't remember. We use Bezoya as the sodium is lowest and we can't easily find Evian in this region, but I use Evian when we visit UK as ds is not used to english water and it upsets his tum.

peaches27 Sun 12-Mar-06 18:41:42

Does this mean these waters are safe to use without boiling?

I ask because we are going abroad this year with 6-7 month old.

Seona1973 Sun 12-Mar-06 19:04:20

I think you are still supposed to boil and cool them as they are not sterile. That said, if you can use tap water from 6 months maybe you would get away with not having to boil it - although formula would dissolve easier in hot water.

tegan Sun 12-Mar-06 20:07:17

I have always been told by my hv to use coll, boiled water as bottled water is high in natural sugars, but it was ok to use when going abroad.

NannyL Mon 13-Mar-06 09:32:54

tegan.... i suggest your HV doesnt know what shes talking about!

Water cant contain sugar cause if it did it would contain carbogydrate and also have some calories / energy in it which it does NOT!

It would also have all this information written on the label.... carbohydrate... Xg of which sugars Xg!

The only waters with sugar in would be the flovoured waters!

Uwila Mon 13-Mar-06 09:44:03

I believe you are not suppose to use bottled water to make up formula because it has a higher sodium content. Evian is high in sodium, if I recall correctly. We used to use bottle water for formula, but compared the sodium contents and ended up with Sainsbury's brand cheapo water (scottish water, maybe???). Just read the labels and get a low salt content.

Uwila Mon 13-Mar-06 09:54:23

Goodness, just tried to goole this and found lots of conflicting information. Several places said Evian was okay. So, it's probably okay. Maybe ask your GP for a sodium guideline for you baby's age and just read the labels to make sure you don't exceed it.

Sorry if I've confused the situation. Should google before I type!

kitbit Mon 13-Mar-06 11:36:46

Definitely should not boil and cool bottled water before using it, because it will concentrate any minerals present. It is safe to use certain brands straight from the bottle but make sure it's mineral and not spring water as spring water has more impurities in it.
If in doubt look on the bottle for guidance, many have a symbol to say whether they are safe/recommended for children. eg in Spain Bezoya water has "indicada para dietas pobres en sodio y la preparacion de alimentos infantiles" on it. The sodium content is 2.7 which seems to be one of the lowest.

Seona1973 Mon 13-Mar-06 20:28:28

The babycentre website advises that you DO boil the bottled water:

If you are travelling abroad with a baby, boiled tap water in most parts of Europe and North America are considered safe for making a baby's feed. However, be aware that a change in the water can still cause tummy upsets due to the difference in mineral content and chemicals used in the purifying process.

Outside Europe and North America, it is safer to use bottled water but the mineral content must be checked first, so do look at the label carefully. The water should be still, not sparkling. Good examples of suitable waters are Evian or Volvic, which are available all over the world from Andorra to the West Indies and are easily digestible.

When using bottled water to make up a feed, make sure the seal is still intact. Boil the water in a kettle in exactly the way you would boil tap water at home, wash and sterilise your feeding equipment as usual. Large bottles of mineral water should be stored in a fridge after opening. For convenience, you may prefer to use smaller bottles of mineral water when travelling from place to place.

sleeptightmaternity Sat 27-Feb-16 05:52:28

Hi I'm Maternity Nurse Katie-Jane this is only my professional opinion I'm not telling you what should or should not do as parents as that's your individual choices.

I would always suggest boiled Tao water as it has been filtered then we are boiling, bottled water has higher sodium content, plus you do not know through its distribution journey if it's been sat in the sun for periods of time, you should never drink water from a plastic bottle that has been sat in the sun.

Abroad for formula I would pre order the bottled baby milk at the boots in the departure lounge at airport then once you have cleared customs you can collect it and carry on in small hand luggage.

Katie-Jane x

PurpleDaisies Sat 27-Feb-16 06:10:43

Given that this happened ten years ago I don't think any of the posters on the thread give a damn any more.

BikeRunSki Sat 27-Feb-16 06:12:37

When I was traveling with babies I made up formula with boiled Evian. This was on my hv's advice, nd she was pretty spot on about things. (Natural sugar in water ...... shock)

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