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Sugar-free cereal?

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kittyfish Fri 17-Feb-06 10:06:35

My 10mo dd has decided that she wants to feed herself and I am not allowed to spoon feed her anything. This is fine (no more purees - hurrah) except for breakfast when I have been giving her Ready Brek. I need an alternative sugar-free cereal that she can eat herself. Annabel Karmel reccommends Cheerios and Shreddies, but I am pretty sure these both have lots of sugar. Any ideas on alternatives most welcome.

MrsMuddle Fri 17-Feb-06 10:14:08

Sainsbury's do a cereal called Puffed Wheat - it's like sugar puffs without the sugar. IMO it tastes and looks like polystyrene, but my DSs (10 & 11) love it.

Hazellnut Fri 17-Feb-06 13:12:32

there's also raisin wheat which has no sugar and hardly any salt in it. Sweetened by the raisins. They're quite big though but dd has been having them since 11 months ish. Just let them soak up a bit of milk first !! DD does also manage rice crispies by hand but you have to be prepared for a bit of mess !!

CountessDracula Fri 17-Feb-06 13:13:42

grape nuts
mini shredded wheat
weetabix mushed up with milk

Socci Fri 17-Feb-06 13:16:44

Message withdrawn

lunarx Fri 17-Feb-06 13:19:16

puffed rice (usually in a bag) has no sugar
(can be found in the organic sections)

uwila Fri 17-Feb-06 13:41:21

sugar free alpen
bran flakes
all bran (like little sticks)

mszebra Fri 17-Feb-06 13:52:11

bran flakes?? Are you serious? They've got the highest added sugar of any I've seen except the obviously sugary stuff (eg CocoPops). Which brand is that, Uwila?

Porridge. Can't beat porridge. You can make up your own sugar-free muesli, too, using ingredients from health food shops.
Healthfood shops usually sell puffed rice or millet (and similar) which is nothing added. Have a good browse in a health food shop at their range of cereals, most of the Nature's Path cereals are sweetened only with fruit juice (which can include naturally occuring sucrose, but won't be much).

nailpolish Fri 17-Feb-06 13:52:57

shredded wheat

moondog Fri 17-Feb-06 13:54:19

shredded loofah you mean np (and this is a die hard yoghurt knitter talking...)

nailpolish Fri 17-Feb-06 13:55:05


i like it! but it has to be with freezing cold gold top

uwila Fri 17-Feb-06 13:56:19

nooooo... Bran flakes have lots of sugar? I must read my box when I get home.

Feistybird Fri 17-Feb-06 13:57:19

I don't think Alpen is sugar-free - it's 'no added sugar'

Feistybird Fri 17-Feb-06 13:57:41

yep Bran Flakes hi in sugar and salt

kittyfish Fri 17-Feb-06 19:48:18

Thanks for all the suggestions - I don't mind mess too much and my little terrier is an excellent hoover!! One more thing, my HV told me no 'uncooked' milk before 1 year even though cheese, greek yohgurt etc are all fine. Should I heat the milk first or just give the cereal dry? Thanks again.

Gloworm Fri 17-Feb-06 19:52:14

from a health shop:
Kallo rice puffs
Natures path and Envirokidz, various breakfast cereals
Evernat cornflakes

and loads and loads of others depending on what your health shop stock!

Gloworm Fri 17-Feb-06 19:53:39

why not use formula milk or expressed milk in her cereal?

although at 10mths I think we were using ordinary cows milk for cereal?

Tipex Fri 17-Feb-06 19:54:03

well, I gave DS cold cows milk on his cereal from 6m. I counted it as 'cooking'

Seona1973 Fri 17-Feb-06 19:59:17

full fat cows milk is fine with cereal from 6 months.

kittyfish Fri 17-Feb-06 20:01:32

DD is bf and I am crap at expressing so no go there. What harm is milk likely to do that cheese won't? Like your style Tipex

user1465825386 Mon 13-Jun-16 14:57:36

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