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Beccarollo Mon 01-Dec-03 16:27:47

Im not going to my weight watchers meeting tonight as dont want to battle the weather with both kiddies - my usual babysitter cant make it

Since I made the decision not to go I have eaten 6 cookies - can someone tell me to stop!

sincy1 Mon 01-Dec-03 16:29:21


Go and pour yourself a large glass of water and drink it in one!

Beccarollo Mon 01-Dec-03 16:31:03

Ill have an options hot choc - might help the cravings

twiglett Mon 01-Dec-03 16:36:38

message withdrawn

Beccarollo Mon 01-Dec-03 16:38:11

Really???? Im off to the chippy then!

willow2 Mon 01-Dec-03 22:51:39

Twiglett - I think you will find that any food you consume directly after a WW meeting has no calorific value either.

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