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the Well Hung Meat company....

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Beedubyah Thu 01-Aug-13 11:34:32

Be vary weary of the Groupon scam they have going. Buy a voucher that doesn't work on the website, spend the next 2 months trying to sort it out then get your meat box. Then a month later much to your surprise a £44 box of meat arrives on your doorstep.

Apparently you have signed up to a subscription and have been emailed details which I never recieved. This happened to me and honestly, there is MUCH better mail order meat out there. I only gave this a go as I thought it was a cheap deal that'll teach me 'eh ladies?

No one there is interested when I called. Very sneaky and underhand. I actually spoke to someone on the phone initially and at no point did they say it was a subscription, EVER!

So basically long story short, I have paid £44 for 4 chicken thighs (which I don't eat), 4 slices of bacon, sausages, beef chuck steak - a seasonal cut? Because everyone makes casserole in August?! And a fatty looking piece of bone in Lamb shoulder. Why would I want lamb shoulder in August?

An incredible amount of second rate cuts for £44. I KNOW it's organic, I've been eating organic meat for years but I don't appreciate such low end cuts if meat for my money. Avoid at all costs.

My favorite meat company at the moment is Laverstoke Park.

Patwood Thu 18-Apr-13 15:10:42

I've been using Well Hung Meat for several years. Actually their meat is fantastic and customer service is second to none. On some items they are very expensive but shop around to find some bargains. They do talk about 'blooming' this is when the stale smell comes from the Vac bag but if you leave it for a minute then it goes away. Give them a chance but avoid some products (chickens are V expensive).

Lozzer79 Thu 11-Apr-13 09:39:26

This company are totally overpriced, they send you the cheapest cuts of meat like brisket, chuck, ribs, thighs etc. Do not use them their customer service is appalling too. I purchased a Groupon voucher of meat through them and in the small print it automatically reordered me another months box of meat which unite frankly wouldn't feed my family for a week let alone a month! I spoke to someone on the phone from their company telling them that I no longer wanted any boxes and yet they still sent me one and have charged me for it!

Stay away, their meat may be ethical but the way they do business isn't! You can get cheaper and better at your local butchers.

bacon Fri 25-Jan-13 16:12:48

Majority of British meat is ethical - what is ethical anyway??? Think there are too many fancy words being sprouted out here. As for organic - Mainly beef and lamb is organic without the label. People have a terrible misconception of organic meaning the animals have no meds and are happy - NOT! Traditional reared meat direct off the farm is the best you can buy and its the breed of the animal that makes the quality plus you can hang any pure breed animal as in beef - longhorn, hereford, shorthorn, galway, reds etc. Sorry to say the Soil association say too much and throw around silly stories of how the rest of british farmers are filling their animals full of crap and chemicals - not true as they cant afford to and sorry to burst the bubble of organic the animals still have meds and get wormed. Organic stamp is more about land management and its a wonderful idea and would improve the world but its not sustainable or affordable unless everyone accepts that they have to pay the proper fair price for their farmed produce.

Yes vacuum pack goes give a whiff because its air tight, its a fab way of storage and stops freezer burn.

I agree about supporting the local butcher but you can also support local farmers markets too. There are loads of farmers doing meat boxes not far from most people's homes and they will deliver direct (I used to do this).

MissSC Tue 22-Jan-13 09:41:38

We've used them briefly but found that it wasn't any cheaper than using a good local butcher for organic meat and that it also came with several other concerns.

We found that the meat smelt terrible when first removed from the vacuum packs - so bad that it smelt off. The latter may have been just a surface layer of bacteria or bad air perhaps within the packets because the meat tasted fine. However it did ring alarm bells and make the experience somewhat unpleasant each time we opened a packet and totally unlike buying meat from anywhere else. It also made us question whether there was something contradictory about buying high quality and expensive organic meat that had been vacuum packed in heat sealed thick plastic bags, then shipped across the country in a massive amount of packaging which we had to try to dump when all along we can get it from a local butcher with a reputation to protect.

We now only buy our meat from local butchers and we know that we are helping to keep small businesses keep afloat in our High Streets and are also not risk losing our delivered meat (sitting on our doorstep or behind a gate) from being stolen / lost in transit. Finally given what has been going into burgers 'recently' it's good to actually see the meat you are buying and having the reassurance that you can ask to check the Organic Certification which you are paying quite a premium for. If you live somewhere very remote then I can see that meat or indeed veg boxes might be the only alternative to the big supermarkets labelled as organic ranges but otherwise we realised that we'd been lazily taken in by clever marketing and the apparent convenience of delivered meat which of course we were subsidising.

ThatVikRinA22 Sat 07-Apr-12 13:06:53

i used to use them like i say - the meat was lovely and i liked the fact that its all ethically produced and organic, but they seem to have expanded the range of boxes available. i think i might give them another try.

MrsMagnolia Sat 07-Apr-12 12:53:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sat 07-Apr-12 11:55:27

Yorky Sat 07-Apr-12 11:51:07

Can't offer any experience but I'm interested - link please?

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 06-Apr-12 22:33:11

anyone use these?

i used to, back in the mists of time, get a meat box per month - but i stopped it as money got tight.

they seem to have changed the content of the boxes somewhat to when i used to get a small meat box and the range appears to be slightly better.

im thinking about starting to get a meat box again, does anyone use these or have any other recommendations for an organic ethically produced meat box that is delivered?


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