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Mumsnet Bread-makers - where do you get your fresh yeast from? And have you ever made your own?

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Kellamity Wed 28-Mar-12 19:06:24

Went to a bread making course last night. It was brilliant. We used the Doves Farm fast acting yeast but I want to have a go with fresh yeast as the tutor said it does taste better but they can't get it locally anymore as the local bakery has shut.

She talked about making your own wild yeast starter, (which she does at home). I might have a go but I wondered if anyone has tried this and how successful it's been.

swampster Wed 28-Mar-12 19:11:06

I haven't tried it - yet - but you can usually find a couple of people selling yeast starters on Ebay.

Takver Wed 28-Mar-12 19:20:28

I haven't tried recently but you always used to be able to get fresh yeast from supermarkets that bake their own bread - at the Sainsburys near where we lived then if you just asked one of the staff around the bakery they would sell you a lump.

Catsmamma Wed 28-Mar-12 19:26:17

tesco used to give it away.

just ask, I always used to feel like a terrible shoplifter with it in the trolley and not paying for it.!

i must go get some for hot cross buns...i love the feel of it too, waxy and cool

Have also made bread with a sour dough starter, but i used shop yeast to start it off, i think waiting for wild yeast can be quite a palaver!!

Kellamity Wed 28-Mar-12 19:37:49

Ebay - never thought of that!

Thanks will try Sainsburys tomorrow. Do you know how long it lasts? Do you know when it's gone off?

discrete Wed 28-Mar-12 19:41:23

I do it all the time. Have one on right now, in fact, as have accidentally cooked all the dough yesterday (oops).

It takes about 48 hours, then you just keep some dough back when you make the bread. We usually make bread every other day.

It really is easy peasy, and soo much tastier than shop-bought stuff (even the fresh one, as it is different strains)

karmakameleon Thu 29-Mar-12 04:39:35

I used to get mine free from Asda. Sainbury's do it but for a small charge (pennies). Lasts for a few days, maybe a couple of weeks. I think you can freeze it but given the cost I never bothered. Does make the bread taste much better.

Kellamity Thu 29-Mar-12 10:27:03

Off to Sainsburys this morning will see is I can get some - thank you smile

BlueChampagne Thu 29-Mar-12 12:32:37

Or try local healthfood shop.

swampster Thu 29-Mar-12 12:47:12

And go read Kitchen Confidential: "Feed the bitch!"

swampster Thu 29-Mar-12 12:48:49

An explanation.

HeeHeeHeeBum Sat 31-Mar-12 17:54:43

Try the Dan Lepard sourdough starter recipe. I have made one and it makes fantastic sourdough.

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sat 16-Feb-13 10:54:04

Ocado sell fresh yeast, its in swedish packaging as Swedes bake alot with fresh yeast and its sold everywhere. It comes in 50gr cubes and will last a week or longer after its use by date if kept sealed in the fridge. Only when its going dry will it be loosing the will to live.

MeltedMoments Sun 17-Feb-13 11:41:41

Morrisons sell it. It's usually near the butter.

Elderflowergranita Sun 17-Feb-13 15:53:59

I buy mine in a Polish supermarket.

Bjd1960 Fri 05-Dec-14 20:00:57


dannyboyle Fri 05-Dec-14 20:02:49

Morrisons definitely sell it.

mausmaus Fri 05-Dec-14 20:03:47

allinson yelliow tin comes pretty close to fresh yeast action and taste wise.

Dancingyogi Sat 06-Dec-14 07:18:35

My sil gave me some of her homemade starter, she's not a great cook and she managed just fine. So I make sourdough once a week and the taste is incredible. Kids weren't convinced initially but I did a side by side tasting of both my yeast bread and my sourdough and they were won over.

Unescorted Sun 07-Dec-14 11:55:42

The most fail safe method for a levan I have is Mix 40g water& 40g wholemeal flour. Cover loosely with cling film (or leave uncovered) and put it somewhere warm (airing cupboard). Over the next 4 days keep adding 40g flour and 40g water each day. You should end up with a bubbly stinky mess. Throw half away and add 40g of flour only. This is the levan - it works best if your house is dusty, just don't think too hard on where the yeast comes from. You can keep it in the fridge in a NON - airtight container for 2 weeks or freeze it for a month. Do not put it in a jar as it will explode. If you are keeping it longer add more flour and water to keep it going.

To use it you need to make it into a starter by adding about 100g of flour and 50g water from the totals for the recipe - leave it for a good few hours, take out some to retain as the levan for the next loaf. Add the rest of the ingredients using a sponge method (add liquid to the starter and cover over with the remaining flour). Knead the bread when the sponge bubbles through the flour. Add any salt or flavourings just before kneading as they will inhibit the yeast. Keep fats to a minimum and don't make the dough too stiff ( the yeast isn't as strong as commercial yeast so doesn't give off as much carbon dioxide)

The rising times will be much slower - some will take an overnight rise. If it is a really active yeast strain then it may be a couple of hours, you will have to play it by ear for the first few. If it rises too fast next time use less levan.

A cheats way to get a "sourdough" bread without keeping a levan is to reduce the amount of yeast in a recipe and increase the rising time - A good method to distribute a small amount of yeast evenly in the dough is to disolve 1/8th teaspoon of dried yeast in about 50ml of water, add a tiny amount of sugar and flour (think part of a teaspoon). When it is activated add a table spoon of the yeast mixture to the liquid in the recipe. This will increase your rise time by about 4 times and give the enzymes time to react with the flour to give the sourdough taste. Retarding the dough in the fridge also works - basically the longer the rise the tasier the bread.

That was longer than expected.... much like a good loaf.

MissYamabuki Wed 10-Dec-14 06:32:47

Our local Polish shop sells fresh yeast, wrapped neatly in butter block-style paper smile. About 40p for 100 gr

Might get some today and make cinnamon buns or saffron bread or Eastern European style poppyseed cake <drools>

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