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Where can I buy lavender essence and geranium essence for cake baking?

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cheesemvat Mon 18-Mar-13 17:17:14

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PinkFondantFancy Sat 10-Mar-12 23:27:08

Ooh I didn't think of Amazon, thanks v much!

HuevosRancheros Sat 10-Mar-12 21:22:45


GreenDragonfly Sat 10-Mar-12 21:11:59

I recently bought some from a local cake/kitchen store, do you have anything like that near you?

PinkFondantFancy Sat 10-Mar-12 21:01:36

I've googled without much success so far sad

GrandPoohBah Sat 10-Mar-12 20:49:56

T'interweb? That's where I got my tonka beans from (as yet unused...)

PinkFondantFancy Sat 10-Mar-12 20:26:45

I'd like to make some geranium or lavender cupcakes but I'm not sure where to get the essences from. Any ideas? Thanks v much

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