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Jean Patrique knives? Anyone got these? Or can you recommend some good knives...

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notsurewhyohwhy Fri 02-Mar-12 12:47:21

I have found these knives on groupon at 50% off so for a set of 5 will cost £22 in total with postage. Not sure if that is a good deal or not as I have never heard of these knives...

My knives are so rubbish I really need a decent set but i dont want to pay a fortune.

Just wondering what knives everyone else is using and general prices.


CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 02-Mar-12 16:24:18

Rather than getting 5 for £22, I'd get one decent one for the same price and then save up for another. An 8" Cooks knife is a pretty useful size for a lot of jobs and my favourite brand is Sabatier. Over the years I've gone through cheaper knives but my Sabatiers keep on truckin'. A good sharpener is worth the investment as well.

ConnieLinghurst Fri 02-Mar-12 17:03:38

I bought some Jean Patrique knives and they weren't very good - not rubbish but not good. Wouldn't buy any more.

notsurewhyohwhy Fri 02-Mar-12 17:22:40

Thank you for the reply, ok I'll give those a kiss I think

ChasingSquirrels Fri 02-Mar-12 17:26:14

They are ok for the price, but that isn't a good deal for them.
They are always on offer and cheaper than that. Plus if you add them yo your basket then try to leave the page they will offer to discount the postage.

otchayaniye Sun 04-Mar-12 12:04:04

I'm a knife obsessive and have bought German, stupid price Japanese knives and sabatiers (prefer their carbon steel ones) and my favourites are ironically my cheapest ones , by Robert welch and are 40-50 pounds each. I have a scary 10 inch chef and a santoku. I use a minosharp wet sharpener

JubilationRising Sun 04-Mar-12 15:57:06

I agree with Cognito - get one good knife, a cooks knife is probably the most useful. I love my Wusthof cooks knife, it feels good in my hand, its weight is well balanced and has lasted well. Also have a smaller Henkels paring knife which feels good - I would never buy a set of knives and I would never buy a knife without holding it first - buying a knife is a bit like buying a pair of shoes - it has to feel like it fits.

A cheaper option that I have seen recommended over and over again, by people who cook a lot, is Victorinox.

bacon Sun 04-Mar-12 18:50:31

Totally agree with everyone. £22 for 5 knives sounds like a set from the market - yr not making an investment.

I recently bought from John Lewis - Raymond Blanc endorsed Anolon one - pretty good however my bread knife is a Victorinox. With knives it payes to invest and agree rather buy one good multi use than a hopeless set.

TheSecondComing Sun 04-Mar-12 20:05:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tb Sun 04-Mar-12 20:13:41

I bought Sabatier Deglon ones from Nisbets. They've been very disappointing. The handles have cracked across where they are riveted.

NIsbets have refused to honour the lifetime guarantee sad

Beanbagz Sun 04-Mar-12 20:46:41

I keep getting junk email from Jean Patrique but i don't know how i got on their mailing list.

Anyway i have Global knives. Quite expensive but fantastic to use and they're used every day. I started with 2 and gradually built my way up to a collection of 7 - it took 15 years!

johnbutcher Wed 13-Jun-12 16:10:38

Hey friends, just ignore comments like complaining about the product… per my experience, as I bought the set of knives and just after few days I realize that I have made a good deal. Also they are always good to use with a better quality as compare to other expensive products. I would like to say to everyone that it’s always worth if you buy it

summerintherosegarden Fri 15-Jun-12 15:10:06

Another vote for Global knives here. You can sometimes find them second hand for much less than they would cost new. They are expensive but a lifetime investment!

otchayaniye Tue 19-Jun-12 20:07:17

there are much better japanese knives than global, which are overpriced. and they break easily.

PoppyWearer Tue 19-Jun-12 20:10:03

I'm also getting the Jean Patrique emails and a load of others.


PoppyWearer Tue 19-Jun-12 20:10:36

Wusthof knives are fab.

whats4teamum Thu 21-Jun-12 08:31:30

Wusthof highly recommended here. If you only buy one get the santuko. Sabatier is not a brand.

otchayaniye Thu 21-Jun-12 08:34:35

I recommend getting a chefs knife (I use my Robert Welch santoku all the time), a parer and a serrated bread knife. All other knives are on top of that (I have 3 Japanese cleavers, 3 carbon steel sabatiers, 4 large chef's knives)

MoreBeta Thu 21-Jun-12 08:36:41

Another agreeing with Cogito. Buy one very good cooks knife 8 - 12 inches does most jobs. Then gradually add more when you see them on sale. Get yourself a good quality steel too for sharpening.

I do like my Sabatier ones and buy a lot of stuff from Nisbets which are always cheaper than buying in high street retail. I alos have used Russums.

Don't buy cheap knives though. They really are not worth it if you want to do a lot of serious cooking. Good knives that are well cared for wil last years.

ceeveebee Thu 21-Jun-12 09:32:30

I have a set of wusthofs and they are great. Would recommend a chefs knife if you can only buy one. Get a knife sharpener too.

excounts182 Thu 24-Oct-13 09:33:53

I have used Jean Patrique knives for the past six years and I find them excellent. Like all knives they need sharpening. Get a good steel ( hardness 58 to 60 Rockwell ), learn to use it and you will have no problems. All my knives are razor sharp. The most dangerous item in your kitchen is a blunt knife!!

catwithflowers Fri 25-Oct-13 12:34:47

Wusthof is a great make. I bought a couple recently and am really pleased with them

KoPo Fri 25-Oct-13 13:50:51

Jean Patrique knives in my opinion are utter junk, or at least the set I had given to me were.

My Global knives are good as are Sollingen steel ones made by Gude. I also own a very nice razor sharp ceramic set made by Kyocera. Yes I have to be careful not to drop the ceramic ones but for reliable sharpness they are wonderful. I use the Gude ones for those things where I want to use plenty of force or twist the knife in some way.

KoPo Fri 25-Oct-13 13:52:23

Wusthof are another good German make and are very reliable knives made of Sollingen steel.

Good choice cat smile

sonlypuppyfat Fri 25-Oct-13 13:59:01

I've spent a small fortune on knives and I've found my favourite, kitchen devils really cheap and brilliant

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