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sugar free/very low sugar cake or biscuit recipes please

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liveinazoo Sun 15-Jan-12 19:24:17

i make cakes and biscuits for my kids lunchboxs and prefer them to be either sugar free or very low sugar.

i make a tropical fruit cake and have a sugar free mufffin recipe but we need some variety!!

any recipes would be gratefully apreciated

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googietheegg Sat 21-Jan-12 06:19:38

Lovely, thank you. I'm currently PG and my main craving is bananas!

GrimmaTheNome Sat 21-Jan-12 21:11:25

Yes, that's right, thanks live - - I don't like it when a recipe says '2 bananas' because they vary so much

RecursiveMoon Sun 22-Jan-12 22:48:03

I found the no sugar (+ no dairy) banana bread recipe at last smile:

2 large ripe bananas
6oz raisins
8oz SR flour
4oz marg
2 beaten eggs
Large pinch nutmeg and cinnamon

Add spices to flour, then rub in marg. Stir in raisins, eggs, then banana. Bake at 175C for 45mins-1hour until firm, risen, and golden.

I haven't made this yet, but I tasted it when my friend made it and it was lively. DS agreed smile.

RecursiveMoon Sun 22-Jan-12 22:53:27

Oops, it was lovely grin.

I've just read the thread again properly, thanks to everyone for their recipes.

Chinateacup Wed 25-Jan-12 17:21:54

Just made the bum bun. Not sure it's going to last til breakfast time! Yum! smile

googietheegg Thu 26-Jan-12 09:08:26

china so pleased you've made it, and inordinately proud that the Bum Bun name lives on...

BTW it also works v well with some peanuts/almonds too, or with cream cheese on top. Oh how I love Bum Bun.

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