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Calling GFers!

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bottersnike Tue 11-Nov-03 12:19:36


I've been trying to follow GF with ds, now 7 months. It's worked really well and still does except for the morning feed. He has breakfast at about 7.30 and according to the book he should be able to wait for his lunch till about 11.30 / 12.00. Not so. He always cries for milk by about 11.00, so he has a bottle then and lunch at 11.45.
I don't really mind this; if he's hungry then he needs the milk, I just wondered if anyone else found the same thing?
Might he grow out of it? He has as much breakfast as I can persuade him to eat!

Lamin Tue 11-Nov-03 13:46:15

Hello, my ds is 6 months and he does this too, I have dropped his pre-lunch bottle as well so I give him a rice cake to take the edge off and give him lunch at about 11.15/11.30. He has to start his nap at 12 as well otherwise he just falls asleep in his high chair! Am hoping he will grow out if it - he has always been a bit behind on her routines actually.

JulieF Tue 11-Nov-03 14:47:58

I have a feeling (not got the book in front of me though) that GF says that a really huungry baby might need a piece of fruit mid morning to get them through to lunch.

bottersnike Tue 11-Nov-03 18:14:37

Thanks, it's nice to know he's not alone in this!
What sort of rice cakes do you feed yours, Lamin? What else can I give him mid-morning instead of milk?

CP Tue 11-Nov-03 18:27:17

I gave dd a mid-morning snack when she was about that age. Normally the Organix rice cakes or a breadstick or something, as Lamin says it is just to take the edge off. She (dd) is not 2 and still needs a little something at about 10h00.

vivie Wed 12-Nov-03 21:43:19

my ds is 11 months now and has NEVER managed to wait until 11.45 for lunch. When he was 7 months we were doing well if he lasted until 10.30, now it's 11.15 most days. If we're out and about I give him a small sandwich (rice cakes don't seem to fill him up at all) to keep him going but if we're staying in we just have early lunch. He's often really hungry after his lunch time nap so I give him a snack as well as milk then othewise we end up having tea at 3.30!
I think 7.30 to 12.00 is a long time for a little person with a little tummy to go without food - I often want a biccie with my coffee!
I can't remember exactly what GF says but I think by 7 months she says babies should be dropping their lunchtime milk and having water from a cup instead.

MammyShirl Wed 12-Nov-03 21:56:22

my dd is almost 8 months and has only been on solids for a few weeks. in the last two weeks i have cut her feeds down from 6 to 4 and i am slowly weaning her off the breast. i have replaced her second feed with a bottle of formula milk. i breast feed her at 8am, give her baby rice and water/juice at 10.30am, i put her in her cot and play soft music at 11am and she normally sleeps for one to two hours. I give her a bottle of milk at 1pm and offer her vegegtables then breast feed at 4.30pm and fruit and her last feed is breast feed at 8pm. She sleeps until 7.30 - 8pm the next day. you will be able to make your baby skip a feed for a week i had to really distract her by playing lots of games, take your baby out for a walk maybe, they soon learn to forget that feed and will wait. or maybe you could offer some finger foods. keep to your guns and repeat the same routine everyday. one thing i have learnt from dd is to let her know her she stands, i think she knows now when its feeding time. ggod luck

bobthebaby Wed 12-Nov-03 23:32:36

Blimey, 7.30 until 11.30 without any food. I would want something let alone an active baby. I always give "morning tea" of a breastfeed at 10.30 which gets us through until lunch which is solid food and then "afternoon tea" of another breastfeed so we can be having solids at about 4.45pm. Not giving a breastfeed at lunchtime has really freed me up in case I need to do somthing without ds. I can leave him and his mush.

Ghosty Thu 13-Nov-03 23:02:38

It is interesting this ...
I am/was a GF follower with DS ... and I remember trying desperately trying to get him to last until 11.30 ... I don't think I dropped that 10am feed for ages ... not until he refused to have his lunch.
What I find interesting now is that there is no way he can go from breakfast to lunch (7.30am - 12pm) now that he is 4 ...he always has a healthy snack at about 10am ... so why did I expect him to do that as a baby?

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