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organic baby food delivered to your door!

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MrsC Mon 10-Nov-03 20:02:11

My baby is now 7 months old and I have just started back at work. Initially I started religously making up food into ice cube trays but began to find it increasingly hard. She didn't like any of the jars really and after the cancer scare I wasn't comfortable giving her jars to be honest. Just wanted to share something with you all. I have just signed up with a comapny that delivers fresh organic baby food to your doorstep once a week! they plan a balanced menu for your baby for 7 days and taylor it to yours and your babies needs. So far it has been a real hit with my little girl. She has eaten every thing so far and I had to stop my husband tucking into the organic asparagus risotto! Its called the Real Baby Food company and has only just been set up. Based IN Sussex but I believe delivers to Surrey and Kent as well. Its certainly made my life easier!!

willow2 Mon 10-Nov-03 20:07:58

Hey MrsC - sorry to sound a tad sceptical, but as this is your first posting are you sure you aren't connected to the company?!

popsycal Mon 10-Nov-03 20:19:53

that was my first thought too.....

pupuce Mon 10-Nov-03 20:39:49

Yeah.... is this an advert????

Angiel Mon 10-Nov-03 20:47:46

I noticed that Waitrose do little bags of frozen baby purees. Perhaps we could all nip down there instead!

popsycal Mon 10-Nov-03 20:52:10

should we send this thread to the moderator type people!?!?

lou33 Mon 10-Nov-03 22:11:40

Popsycal I will mail mumsnet, (I am a moderator) thanks!

jasper Mon 10-Nov-03 22:17:40

Seriously, I am astonished that peolpe would pay others to deliver organic baby meals to your door. (I am assuming it is not cheap)
How hard is it to squidge up some carrots / mash a banana for Pete's sake?
Asparagus risotto? Are you serious? I don't know any adults who regularly eat asparagus risotto.

Either that or some people have much more money/less time than me.

jasper Mon 10-Nov-03 22:36:40

peolpe are always astonishing; so are people...

Twinkie Tue 11-Nov-03 09:09:51

Message withdrawn

Norma Tue 11-Nov-03 09:13:29

Funny how they all start out on organic stuff and end up tucking in to McDonalds Happy Meals by the time they're 3.

Norma McDonald

codswallop Tue 11-Nov-03 09:15:24

So true - if only you knew this as you shovel this mush into them

am MUCH more relaxed with ds3 - he has sugar sometimes and rich tea biscuits - even had a smidgeon of choc cakes at the weekend - oh and how he liked it!

dinosaur Tue 11-Nov-03 09:49:15

Norma lol!! So true.

Actually I shouldn't moan, my second son is still a good eater (too good, actually, his thighs are enormous - when I used to take him to baby clinic and undress him, the whole room would fall silent in awe!!!).

Twinkie Tue 11-Nov-03 09:51:35

Message withdrawn

Norma Tue 11-Nov-03 14:32:20

Twinkie, think more along the lines of Joanna Lumley in Ab Fab.
My kids call me 'abnormal', so I shortened it to Norma!
Sorry for the disillusion!!

Twinkie Tue 11-Nov-03 14:38:22

Message withdrawn

MrsC Tue 11-Nov-03 20:37:43

I am just a mum like the rest of you. Do forgive me for actually trying to start off my discussion with something positive. I guess if this is what you are all like on this site then I will check out another. I am actually a full time nurse and working mum and have just moved to where I live so know few people here. I was feeling lonely and fed up the other night after an horrendous day at work so did some surfing and came across this site. I wondered what to write as I didn't know anyone so thought I'd just share what I thought was a good tip! Stupidly I thought people might actually be friendly. My mistake. Thanks guys!! :

MrsC Tue 11-Nov-03 20:58:27

Any of you miserable bunch out there??

popsycal Tue 11-Nov-03 21:08:28

hi mrs c...i am one of the erm mioserable bunch
sorry that you were feeling lonely and some of us made you feel more so
in our defence, all sorts of people try to secretly advertise etc on sites like this
sorry we were defensive......

dinosaur Tue 11-Nov-03 21:08:51

MrsC - do come back! Or come and talk to us on some of the other threads! TBH I was lazy and hadn't scrolled down to your message, I was just responding to someone else who was pointing out how ironic it is that so many of us start off feeding them organic purees and all too soon they decide their favourite food is from McDonalds!

willow2 Wed 12-Nov-03 15:57:29

MrsC - MY MOST HUMBLE APOLOGIES!!! Sorry - it's just that this site has been hijacked by advertisers in the past and I, wrongly, thought you might be one in disguise. Anyway, having scared you off I would now like to offer the hand of friendship and welcome you back... I hope! This is a really nice site (which is why we get a bit protective over it) and new members are always welcome. Anyway, hope you will return and that you won't be scared to post again.

And yes - as it wasn't a secret advert - it was a good tip.

Twinkie Wed 12-Nov-03 15:59:03

Message withdrawn

Norma Wed 12-Nov-03 16:07:20

MrsC, do they deliver beer to the door too??

codswallop Wed 12-Nov-03 16:09:12

Mrs C please pull the chain on Twinkie while you are there!

Twinkie Wed 12-Nov-03 16:10:55

Message withdrawn

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