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Alison Burt's Super Saving Cookery Cards

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CatsRule Mon 26-Dec-11 18:17:42

I hope someone can help!

I have some very old Alison Burt's Cookery Cards but the one I really want is Tollhouse Squares...which I've lost!

Would anyone have these cards and could send me the recipe?

Thank you smile

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agthebag Sun 29-Jan-12 16:26:21

i have been searching for this for ages too as my mum used to have them when i was little but she no longer has the cards.

Would love to be able to make them as they were one of my favs

theboss55 Wed 07-Mar-12 18:01:08

I have this recipe card, if anyone would like the recipe please private message me.

Janie64 Fri 26-Apr-13 08:46:26

Hello, I've been searching for an Alison Burt Super Saver Cookery Card, thought I had kept when my Mum moved (and threw them out!) it but I can't find it. It was for the Hedgehog Cake. I made one for my son's first birthday (13 years ago) and he saw a photo of it yesterday and said he'd like the same today! Can anyone help? Please!!

Suzibear Fri 04-Oct-13 20:40:58

Alison Burt's Super Saver Cookery Cards.....Does anyone have card number two for Bacon and Egg Charlotte - it's under Eggs - if you have and could copy out recipe for me that would be great - Many Thanks.

ttbop Tue 23-Sep-14 16:33:46

I see some have the Alison Burts Super Saving Cooking Cards from the 70's. I'm looking for the cheese scone recipe, it's by far the best I've ever tried and my mum can't find hers. Can anyone please help me???

ttbop Tue 23-Sep-14 16:33:47

I see some have the Alison Burts Super Saving Cooking Cards from the 70's. I'm looking for the cheese scone recipe, it's by far the best I've ever tried and my mum can't find hers. Can anyone please help me???

ttbop Tue 23-Sep-14 17:26:50

Hi, saw your post about the Super Saver cards. I wondered if you had the cheese scone recipe? If so, could I please,please have a copy of it????? smile

Glover85 Fri 23-Jan-15 14:59:16

ttbop, do you still need the cheese scone recipe? I have the savers cards and have that recipe here?

tinytops Sat 24-Jan-15 19:11:52

I'm also after the cheese scone one!

Glover85 Sat 24-Jan-15 20:46:04

I will add the recipe tomorrow afternoon

Glover85 Mon 26-Jan-15 13:53:17

Apologies for the delay here is the recipe for the cheese scones. Happy baking.

Cheese Scones
Makes 10-12 Scones
Prep Time 10mins
Cook Time 15mins
Oven Temp 425F/220C/Gas Mark 7
8oz/225g self raising flour
1/2 level tsp salt
1 level tsp dry mustard
1/4 level tsp cayenne pepper
2oz/50g margarine
2oz/50g cheddar cheese grated
1/4 pint/1.5 dl milk
Lightly grease a baking tray. Sift the flour, salt, mustard and cayenne pepper together into a mixing bowl. Add the margarine, cut into small pieces. Rub the margarine into the flour. Stir in the cheese. Mix with a fork and add enough milk to make a soft dough. Knead the dough gently on a lightly floured surface and roll out to ½ inch/12mm thick. Using a 2inch/5cm plain round biscuit cutter, cut out as many scones as possible. Place on the baking tray and brush the tops with any remaining milk. Bake in a hot oven for about 15mins or until well risen and golden: they should sound hollow if tapped underneath. Cool on a wire rack or serve warm.

tinytops Mon 26-Jan-15 15:22:49

Thank you!!smile

Yvonne162 Wed 04-Mar-15 21:01:09

I am looking for Family pate (appetisers) from Alison Burt's Super Saving Recipe Cards, can anyone help please?

peekaboo1 Thu 05-Mar-15 20:31:56

Rookie question but what is a dl where it says 1.5dl in the scone recipe?

cdtaylornats Fri 06-Mar-15 11:49:49

It looks like dl is decilitres in this case 1/4 pint = 150 ml

Glover85 Fri 06-Mar-15 20:18:49

Yvonne162 - Here's the recipe for the family pate

Serves 4 – 6 people
Prep time 15mins plus cooling time
Cooking time – 2 hours
Oven Temp – 350F/180C or Mark 4
8 rashers streaky bacon
8oz/225g pig’s liver
1 onion
8oz/225g pork sausage meat
1 level tsp salt
¼ level tsp black pepper
1 level tsp mixed dried herbs
1 egg
3 small bay leaves
Parsley for garnish

Remove the rinds and any bones from bacon. Spread the rashers with the back of a knife until they are doubled in length. Line a 1pt capacity dish with the bacon, reserving some rashers for the top. Remove any sinews from the liver then mince it coarsely with the onion. Mix in the sausage meat, salt, pepper herbs and egg. Spoon the mixture into the prepared dish and lay the reserved bacon rashers on top. Put the bay leaves on the bacon. Cover with a piece greased greaseproof paper then a piece of foil. Put the dish in a roasting pan with cold water to come halfway up the sides. Cook in a moderate oven (350F/180C/Mark 4) for 2hrs. Uncover the pate and cover with fresh greaseproof paper. Place a heavy weight on top and leave in a cool place overnight or until firm. Serve garnished with parsley.

Yvonne162 Fri 06-Mar-15 22:16:18

Thank you

Adele1978 Thu 13-Aug-15 07:33:25

Hi there, please could you possibly post the recipe for the wreath cake we have been looking for years!!!! It would be amazing to have it again!! Was there also a chocolate fudge type cake recipe as I know my mum used to make one but can't remember where it came from. Thank you!!! blush

Glover85 Sun 16-Aug-15 15:37:01

Hi, Adele1978 The only one I can find for the wreath cake is the Christmas Wreath Cake is this the correct one?

Adele1978 Sun 16-Aug-15 21:32:45

Hi, I have found the cake cards for sale online so have got the recipes but thank you anyway!!!!! Xx

sbrown30 Sat 30-Apr-16 21:34:07

Hi hope yous can help

Looking for ducth meatballs recipe think its the only one i have missing

Thanks all

pamela60 Wed 03-Aug-16 19:40:09

I have all of Alison Burts cookery cards going back to the 70s. I use one of them all the time and have mislaid it. It is one of her cakes that uses evaporated milk and coco. Would appreciate if anyone would have it.


e-mail address:

Sharon206 Tue 30-Aug-16 14:52:16

Hi. I am desperately trying to find a recipe from the Alison Burts super saving cookery card collection that my Mum used to have. It's called either Savoury Omelette Stack or Omelette hay stack. I am sure it was from this card collection. I would really appreciate it if you could have a look for me?? Many thanks

flo57 Sat 25-Feb-17 17:58:40

have you by any chance got the recipe for cut and come again cake, No 9 in Family Cakes. I would be very grateful for a copy please.

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