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Warning -Aspartame now in J20 Apple and Mango

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Nansrus Tue 13-Dec-11 15:23:39

I have a couple of family members who have an allergic reaction to aspartame. It is real, as when unknowingly given some when dining out the reaction has been immediate. So I always search for drinks for them without aspartame for when they come round. J20 has always been a firm favourite and imagine my horror when I went to serve some the other day and just checking casually found it had aspartame in! I e mailed the company and the response
" I can confirm that we have added Aspartame to only the J2O Apple and Mango flavour.

As we are sure you will appreciate, we carry out extensive consumer research before putting any products in to the market place and we have found this product to be popular with our consumers. It is, however, extremely difficult to formulate a product to suit every palate. "

Why it was fine with sugar,why add aspartame as well you don't need both!

Leave the b*** drink alone.

iambach Wed 14-Dec-11 22:11:47

We dont have anything with aspartame in it in our house, nasty stuff!

droves Wed 14-Dec-11 22:18:25

why do they keep putting this shite in our food and drinks ?

Not only does it taste vile , it makes you gain weight and over eat .

think it gave cancer to the lab rats too .

in the 1950`s people ate more calories but there was less obesity , people had more active lives , but they didnt have half the crap put in their food that we do .

sad its bad bad stuff which rots the protective layer around childrens brains.

should be banned imo.

Cassidee Wed 14-Dec-11 22:18:44


Thank you so much for this.

"Popular" hmm

Nansrus Sat 17-Dec-11 09:11:17

I have sent 3 e mails to Britvic ,makers of J20 and within seconds I received a phone call from head of customer service! I know quite a bit about aspartame obviously more than the customer service underlings. Anyway the boss was trying to placate me and said can I send you details of our products that don't contain aspartame. I asked for assurance that they wouldn't add it to anything else in the future. And the response was what you would expect from a politician, I am not at liberty to divulge that.
She admitted it was about money and profit, but the irony was that she had a health issue with aspartame herself!!!
I told her I have informed Waitrose and Sainsburys about the change of ingredients as they still have it without on their website. She said they would still be selling some of the older bottles , so that's ok then.
More importantly I have informed the PKU society as people with that have awful problems with the Phenylalanine it produces.

BertieBotts Sat 17-Dec-11 09:16:38

Argh, how annoying, I liked Apple & Mango J20. Can't stand the taste of aspartame. sad

Although, erm, it rots the protective layer around children's brains?? What? confused

Nansrus Sat 17-Dec-11 09:49:30

This process of molding the brain continues throughout life, but the majority of growth takes place within 0-7 years of life. During these critical years, if unborn and young children are fed drinks or food containing aspartame, over-stimulation can occur.

Sparklingbaubles Sat 17-Dec-11 09:51:39

It's on buy one get two free at Morrisons too!

Luminescence Sat 17-Dec-11 09:52:00

Ffs. Bastards.

bruffin Sat 17-Dec-11 09:57:23

The cost of aspartame is 1/70th of the price of sugar.
I hate the taste so won't be buying j20 anymore

Nansrus Sat 17-Dec-11 09:59:20

Obviously britvic and co are pushing it to get people on board and addicted.

Nansrus Sat 17-Dec-11 10:01:07

Well done Bruffin.That's what I told the Britivic lady, I hope sales plummet.

Sparklingbaubles Sat 17-Dec-11 10:15:29

I have just had a look at my 3 lots of Orange and Passion Fruit and they don't have any in thankfully.

Nansrus Sun 18-Dec-11 10:24:13

Enjoy them while you can.

Sparklingbaubles Sun 18-Dec-11 10:29:06


startail Sun 18-Dec-11 10:44:55

I'm not allergic to the stuff, I don't even have any particular axe to grind. The DDs and DH live on sugar free squash.
I just hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, why, why, why can't they use sugar in the non diet versions!
So many soft drinks makers have done this, I'm pretty much stuck with coke or coke. Asda didn't even have that with the sandwiches on Wed. Just cherry and Zeroangry

Nansrus Sun 18-Dec-11 12:53:57

Yes they all seem to have converted over to using aspartame in all drinks. But probably the worse thing is that fact that Capol has it in it and has for a long time now! And try getting the sugar calpol, it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

FrothingBeserker Sun 18-Dec-11 12:59:34

even the sugar calpol has sweeteners in, though - I drove the staff in boots mad asking questions a couple of years ago when trying to find some non-sweetenered calpol (or other) for my dd. couldn't be found, unfortunately, and she has a 'proper' issue with sweeteners, which leaves us with precisely no over the counter option for painkillers for her.

FrothingBeserker Sun 18-Dec-11 13:00:54

on the soft drink front, I believe Dr Pepper and Sprite (and maybe 7Up) are still sweetener free. but poor show from britvic, imo.

baubleybobbityhat Sun 18-Dec-11 13:05:29

Thanks for the heads-up Nansrus. I am just about to do my pre-Christmas Ocado shop and Apple & Mango is my children's favourite "treat" drink for special occasions. Not this year it won't be angry angry angry.

Civilon Sun 18-Dec-11 14:28:28

Best not to give Calpol at all.

Nansrus Sun 18-Dec-11 15:08:36

Anyone any objection seeing as I have the ear of head of customer services at Britvic ( that sounds weird, but you know what I mean) to me copying and pasting some of your comments (names not included) in an e-mail?

FrothingBeserker. My next chore is to contact the Calpol makers. No doubt it is Glaxo Smith Kleine! But need to do a bit more research so I can always sound as though I know more, than they think I do!

baubleybobbityhat Sun 18-Dec-11 22:05:17

Nans - you can quote me wherever you like re. aspartame.

JarethTheGoblinKing Sun 18-Dec-11 22:11:29



bruffin Sun 18-Dec-11 22:12:28

No problem with me.

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