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SKIN food... need tips

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Dozeyland Fri 09-Dec-11 21:29:33

Please help: I have a 13month old, and 16weeks pregnant, under a lot of stress lately and worry (family matter)
But I know I'm not eating the right things. I am still 59.7kgs, very slim, 5ft 8. But stress and my poor diet
Is giving me bad skin, dull, breakouts, DARK circles but dd is good...
Pregnancy is good..
I just look old, I'm only 22.

What foods are proven to make you feel good inside out? I want bright, fresh skin!

CogitoErgoSometimes Sat 10-Dec-11 08:42:50

Main thing to avoid is sugar and refined starch. That triggers changes in hormones which, in turn, lead to excess oil in the skin and therefore spots. Skin thrives on Vitamin E which is mostly found in oils but also wheatgerm (wholemeal foods) and, rare for the fruit world, kiwifruit. Next up would be to boost your iron stores by taking in foods rich in iron together with foods rich in Vitamin C. The two together mean your body can absorb the iron better. Iron is very rich in red meats, egg yolks, dark green vegetables and fortified breakfast cereals. Vitamin C you find in citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit) berries and, again, kiwifruit.

Also important for good skin - and it also helps relieve fatigue and keep the digestion going nicely - is plain old water. Alternatively, sugar-free squash, fruit/herb teas. Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks. Always have some plain fluids handy to sip and try to get through 2 litres a day as a benchmark.

If you know your diet's poor a good multivitamin with iron taken daily isn't a bad safety-net. But it's a poor second to eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, oils and lean meat/fish

malakadoush Sat 10-Dec-11 08:49:20

Good advice there, but I would avoid sugar free squash or sugar free anything tbh as artificial sweetners aren't particularly good for you. (not considered an issue in pregnancy specifically but just not good for you generally) I'd say stick to water, fruit/mint/green tea if you can manage to.

Dozeyland Sat 10-Dec-11 21:41:33

Thank you both.

Very informative Cog, Thank you.

I am craving the crappy sweet things sad thats the bummer.

But will note this down and will get trying

malakadoush Sun 11-Dec-11 14:42:38

When you feel a craving distract yourself with a cup of tea or something, not the same but it does work. smile

BloooCowWonders Sun 11-Dec-11 21:01:41

And get some good oils. Avocado, brazil nuts, almonds. Even very small quantities will make a big difference.

TracyK Tue 13-Dec-11 18:23:43

Salmon, broccoli and nuts are all good. If you must have chocolate, make it dark solid choc. Quite difficult to eat a lot of it too.
I second the need for loads of water. If you need to make it posh with ice cubes and a slice of lemon to make it more fun.
also warm water and a slice of lemon soon as you get up in the morning will flush you out.
Some exercise will get the blood flowing and make your complexion a hundred times better. a brisk walk or a minute of jumping jacks a couple of times a day is achievable.

Dozeyland Tue 13-Dec-11 20:27:25

Thank you,

am trying, veg with every dinner, trying to drink more water too...i want to do walking but this weather is horrid! so may try the jumping jacks!

TracyK Wed 14-Dec-11 07:47:36

Use tins of fruit as well to up your intake. The one in juice not syrup tho. You can have loads in the cupboard and them not spoil.
Try making your own flapjack type biscuits with rolled oats, rasins etc and hardly any sugar or oil - I'm sure there will be a youtube tutorial - and have them in little squares ready instead of choc fix.

ameliagrey Wed 14-Dec-11 09:41:12

More important than vitamin E is omega 3

you need oily fish such as salmon 3 x a week- or tinned sardines etc.

also nuts such as almonds.

TracyK Wed 14-Dec-11 10:21:12

What is recommended for oily fish when pregnant tho -is it not lower than normal? Might be better with a good oil supplement.

Dozeyland Wed 14-Dec-11 11:36:14

will try out the salmon, not cooked it before! blush

oooh i love flapjack, will look into it, i supose its about substituting the crap, for just healthier options... it gradual steps.

breakfast im fine, i have porridge, plus with banana on top sometimes, and fesh fruit juice

Lunch i usually have a baguette or sandwich, crisps etc (Must have more fruit!!!)

Then dinner i do usually eat ok, meat alng with veg etc.

its just when im thinking "hmmmm chocolate, sweets, junk" and its when i know i have a cupboard with that stuff in, its the easy option. but no more (i will try) because i want to feel better. i dont have any choc or sweets in the house right now, have fruit!

i'm currently living on my own with DD, DP is away, what meals can i do that are not huge, and wont go to waste...

whimsicalname Wed 14-Dec-11 12:51:43

Try bulk cooking veg soup, and freeze portions (I use old takeaway containers) so you don't have to get through a vat of the same one. I take a container out every morning to have for lunch, either at home or at work. It's a good way to get lots of veg in, and also good to give your dd. You could give her a small bowl full and slices of toast to dip in, or mix with bits of bread for her to fish out (messy, but I have found to be successful with my boys).

Leek and potato, carrot and coriander, butternut squash and pear (really) are all good combinations, and they're cheap and easy to cook.

And don't let yourself get really hungry, because then you're more likely to reach for not helpful food. Snacks like hummus and oat cakes, or fruit and peanut butter should help.

TracyK Wed 14-Dec-11 16:21:43

Salmon is really easy. Get a tray and chop whatever veg you have into big chunks. ie carrot, red onion, garlic cloves, potato wedges, sweet pots, peppers, etc (space out the veg so not to let them steam and go soggy.
Bung a salmon steak on top maybe drixxle some oil or some basil leaves or chilli over - in oven for 35 mins. Done. The veg tastes lovely and sweet being baked esp onions.
You can do the same with a chicken breast.
Paella is also easy. Chop chicken or salmon and some chorizo. Stir fry and then add in a packet of cooked microwave rice (whatever flavour you wish) and then add either some frozen corn and peas or cooked broccoli and peppers. Takes 10 mins. If you want added protein - stir in a beaten egg to it at the end (like they do with chinese rice).

Dozeyland Thu 15-Dec-11 20:57:27

Thanks ladies.

pollyblue Sat 17-Dec-11 19:37:29

Try a zinc supplement - I took Biocare's zinc citrate during pregnancy for similar reasons. Zinc's vital for good skin but is quite hard to get through the diet - unless you like oysters!

And yes sorry, but sugar is really bad for your skin, especially when combined with hormonal changes bought tabout by pregnancy or menopause. Sugar also depletes the body's immune system, so too much will make you more prone to colds or infections. I really crave chocolate when I'm down and have found chewing sugar free gum whenever I want a biccie or some chocolate really helps.

sandraw74 Fri 05-Oct-12 10:47:56

Hi all

I have found a great article on some really good skin foods, take a look at this:

Hope that helps smile

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 07-Oct-12 12:07:37

I've been drastically reducing the amount of sugary stuff I eat and have found that my skin is deffo looking more 'glowy.' I used to get massive sugar cravings but these have reduced and I find that a sugar free mint or one square of dark chocolate is plenty to curb them.

Making a big vat of vege soup is a great idea. You can also finely chop baby spinach (I cut it like I'd cut herbs so really small pieces) and add to pasta sauces, soups, curries, chilli etc). Cut up so small it's virtually un-detectectable (I hate soggy spinachy things or that horrible green sludge of sag dishes etc) but still good for you.

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