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Over eating

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Cinnamon Thu 06-Nov-03 14:30:15

My problem is my ds 18months old is eating so much, I'm not sure if I should be worried. There are many topics coverd in the chat rooms regarding picky eaters' refusing to eat etc, but nothing on children who seem to never be satisfied whatever quatity of food given.

For example. ds 18months normal day
Breakfast, 2 weetabix, 1 Toast 1 yoghurt,
Lunch- Chicken, Potato and 3 veg, with dessert
Tea Tuna Sweetcorn Sandwich with another dessert
Bedtime Milk and richtea biscuit.

In between all the the above, he will eat endless quantities fo apples, pears, currents, sultans, banana's you name it he'll eat it.

Is this normal?
Concerned mum!
(Sent on behalf of bubabubbles who is having problems posting a message)

M2T Thu 06-Nov-03 14:39:04

Cinnamon - I think that sounds lovely and healthy! My ds is much the same. At least its all good foods.... he must be going to be a strapping young lad!

Nothing to worry about IMHO.

CountessDracula Thu 06-Nov-03 14:46:53

I agree, it sounds perfect to me. Does he still have bottles in the morning and afternoon too? My dd eats all that + 3 bottles a day!

donnie Thu 06-Nov-03 15:19:16

I have often worried about dd ( 2 next week) overeating but everyone says not to worry. She eats a lot and always has , a balanced diet mind you not loads of rubbish.She has quite chubby legs but no fat anywhere else so I guess it's ok, she's also pretty active.

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