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Ok I am resurrecting Christmas menu for uber food ponces discussion. Purchasers of Tesco mince pies and Bacardi Breezers need not apply.

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moondog Fri 02-Dec-11 17:40:08

I need details of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and NYE food and drink.

overmydeadbody Tue 06-Dec-11 19:09:05

lol Thanks for the tips minerva, they are great! grin

It's not that they eat shit food, they just don't get any enjoyment out of eating food at all, (something I cannot get my head round) and they never do anything special for breakfast. They seem to think they are very 'healthy' but I just think they are boring.

I will compromise on the brekkie and supply crousants and make scrambled eggs for DS, DP and I, with enough ingredients that I can make some for them should they show an interest...

I do not know what meat we will be having, so will just work with whatever is supplied on the day, but I plan on having lots of home made sauces like red onion chutney, guinness mustard etc and lots of differnet vegetables, plus the traditional roast potatoes and yorkshires (I cannot deviate form the Roast theme).

SeasonsGripings Tue 06-Dec-11 19:22:59

OMDB for breakfast how about doing a Granola/Muesli with passion fruit greek yoghurt and maple syrup - tastes a treat!

We will probably have huevos rancheros - you can beat a bit chilli to kick start the day!

overmydeadbody Tue 06-Dec-11 19:40:56

SeasonsGripings great minds, I am going to make a big batch of granola with almonds and cinnamon to take with us, not just for Christmas day but for the whole time we're there. I don't want Special K! grin

Slubberdegullion Tue 06-Dec-11 20:28:44

LOL @ shit cheddar

Hiya omdb. My poor sister's PIL are like your DP's, only see food as fuel sad. Good luck with jazzing up your Christmas dinner. Sauces and extras are the way to go. I reckon the sauces and stuffings are what make the whole thing anyway. Let them eat a dry old bit of turkey and you can mound up on multiple stuffings and glorious homemade cranberry and bread sauce.

moondog Tue 06-Dec-11 20:32:58

Special K
The thoguht makes me want to slit my wrists.

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 06-Dec-11 20:36:18

Slubber, as a matter of interest, how much should I expect to pay for a hare? I think the local butcher might be able to get one in for us (he does a lot of local game) but it's not something he normally stocks, IYSWIM. Yours sounded delicious. I'm rubbish at cooking rabbit normally (I once had the most amazing rabbit stew in Malta, where it's the national dish apparently, and it was a rich, dark sort of ragu. I always aim for that and fail) and DH just likes to cook it in Guiness and makes it very bitter. sad Would love to try hare. (Maybe just once, because I do have a bit of a sentimental thing about Hares. blush)

picnicbasketcase Tue 06-Dec-11 20:39:45

I have a great tip for Christmas day stuffing. I mix together Sainsbury's apple and herb stuffing with Paxo sage and onion.

And I fucking love a nice bottle of Blossom Hill White Zinfandel.

I don't think I belong on this thread.

Slubberdegullion Tue 06-Dec-11 20:42:47

Oh do stop it with the anthropomorphication of the bleedin Hares you are making me feel bad they are just bunnies with big ears. Can't remember how much I paid, certainly less than £10, and one hate fed 8 of us iirc. Unlike the farking proper bunnies I did a week later (in a pie with sour cream and tarragon) which cost me much more as I ordered diced rabbit instead of just taking it off the bone myself. Big mistake.

Slubberdegullion Tue 06-Dec-11 20:43:12

One I ate

Slubberdegullion Tue 06-Dec-11 20:45:05

Guess how much I love you?

Thiiiiiiiis much
<rubs belly enthusiastically>

Apols for hare hijack moony grin

RecursiveMoon Tue 06-Dec-11 20:49:56

Can I please come to one of your houses for Christmas dinner grin? I'm really torn between having a simple Christmas dinner and a faffy Christmas dinner.

Very envy reading about some of the lovely things that you'll be eating.

moondog Tue 06-Dec-11 20:50:26

You carry on.
You are only covering a guilty conscience. grin
Mind you, I have no qualms whatsoever about trowelling in the old foie gras.

overmydeadbody Tue 06-Dec-11 21:00:37

Slubber! Hey!

I am going to make lots of sauces and relishes and other jarred yummies to take with us and have with our food. And salt. I must remember to take salt.

Moondog not just Special K, special K with red milk, or soy milk. They really don't mean to be so clueless tohugh, I feel bad even complaining about them here. They are just clueless, have no interest in food, and strive to be really healthy but have got it a bit wrong. Perhaps over the years I can convert them to food!

overmydeadbody Tue 06-Dec-11 21:00:56

And now I am craving Hare.

bagpuss Tue 06-Dec-11 21:09:00

Am lol at the shit cheddar too. Can I join in and ask a q? Need inspiration for Christmas day breakfast. Dh is fixated by smoked salmon/scrambled egg/bagel combo but I feel we have done that to death (since it was reinvented by sainsburys in the early 90s). What other options are there? It doesn't have to be child friendly as I can breakfast them early and when they are playing with toys dh and I can settle down to something more civilised. It's probably the only thing I have to organise as dh is cooking lunch grin.

SeasonsGripings Tue 06-Dec-11 21:24:24

Agree the smoked salmon thing is a bit tired but it's quick & easy. Our choices include Blueberry pancakes (with bacon), pancakes with stewed fruit, Kedgeree, Shakshuka, Huevos Rancheros, Bacon sarnies, Wild mushrooms on toast. Avocado & chilli on toast. Beid bil khal (scrambled eggs with vinegar). Considering buying a waffle maker - I fancy waffles!

wildstrawberryplace Tue 06-Dec-11 21:27:22

Christmas Eve we are having seafood platter - fresh lobster, crab, oysters etc. Washed down with Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque

Christmas morning will be:

Freshly squeezed at home clementine juice
Eggs benedict
Fresh baked cinnamon buns
Civet coffee - I shit you not do you see what I did there

We don't go in for a big starter so we'll have caviar on v v thin melba toasts served with champagne (more Perrier Jouet)

Boned and stuffed turkey (doing it myself)
Maple glazed parsnips
Roast goose fat potatoes
whipped potatoes
Sprouts with chestnuts and lardons
vichy carrots
braised spiced red cabbage
Delia's recipe cranberry and port sauce
bread sauce
marsala gravy

We'll have a nice Alsace Gewurtztraminer with the turkey because I think it goes really well, DH will move swiftly on to the pinot noir.

I'll make three puddings: St Emilion au chocolat, Fresh pineapple ice cream in a pineapple shape (made with an antique pewter pineapple mould Edwardian house style) , and lemon honeycomb jellies.

We'll be having Neuhaus manons (three types) with more civet coffee much later.

Man, I love the ponceyness of Christmas food.

moondog Tue 06-Dec-11 21:53:53

I have on Christmas morning what I have every other day (porridge)as I don't want to detract from later glories.

WS, come on down and take your seat in the hall of ponces!
We've been keeping it warm.

Where do you get your civet shitted coffee?

Boning a turkey yourself?
Antique Edwardian moulds?
I've come over all faint!

SeasonsGripings Tue 06-Dec-11 21:54:17

Any one else feel the whole main course thing is a bit of a mess - too much stodge, too many flavours competing, I've never been thrilled with the main course Christmas dinner no matter how much bacon and cranberries you throw in I can't help feeling that it's a bit ordinary.confused

moondog Tue 06-Dec-11 21:55:33

neuhaus manons? Que?

Similarly shakshuka and beild bil khal?

moondog Tue 06-Dec-11 21:57:12

SG, because Brits think a roast dinner has to be tonnes of different things.
No way!
I stick to
carrot and parsnip mash with nutmeg
braised red cabbage
brussel sprouts
stuffing and gravy

SeasonsGripings Tue 06-Dec-11 22:02:20

shakshuka - Jewish..ironic no?

beild bil khal - Arabian...had enough irony yet? wink

Tasty though.....and something a little bit different to the usual.

SeasonsGripings Tue 06-Dec-11 22:08:56

Ah Moondog - your restraint is both impressive and admirable and I suspect it shows in the quality of the food you present.

wildstrawberryplace Tue 06-Dec-11 22:13:35

Neuhaus manons

I like the Sucre Vanille and Sucre Cafe best. The others are OK but not so vast and decadent.

moondog Tue 06-Dec-11 22:19:52

Ah ok.
But what is shakshuka?

You know what I think is vastly overrated?
Marrons glaces.
Sugary lumps.

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