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Best way to cook shoulder of lamb?

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deaconblue Fri 25-Nov-11 19:19:06

I regularly roast leg of lamb and it's always fab. I cook it really high for 30 mins then low for another 2.5-3 hours. Should I do the same with the shoulder?

deaconblue Fri 25-Nov-11 20:38:43


missmartha Fri 25-Nov-11 22:06:03

Yes, that sounds about right.

Are you cooking it on the bone or are you boning it out, stuffing and rolling it?

Both need the same cooking time I reckon.

winnybella Fri 25-Nov-11 22:11:30

I put it in a very hot oven covered in tin foil, then turn the oven down to 160 and leave it there for 5-6 hours. Obviously lots of rosemary, thyme, whole garlic cloves. It's delicious, with meat falling off the bone.

deaconblue Sat 26-Nov-11 08:29:12

Fab that's what I was hoping for. Is half a shoulder with the bone in (just for the 4 of us)

deaconblue Sun 27-Nov-11 17:40:03

Was delicious thank you grin

thereistheball Mon 28-Nov-11 13:56:27

I am too late for this but Rick Stein does an absolutely delicious braised shoulder of lamb. You cook it slowly in a lot of rose wine, and eat with flageolets. It's gorgeous.

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