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coco pops chocolate straws

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robinpud Wed 04-Jan-06 11:19:52

Has the world gone mad? I saw an advert for a new cereal last night.. designed to encourage children to drink more milk. It is a an edible chocolate lined straw through which children drink milk from a cereal bowl, made by the manufacturers of coco pops. Can't find a link to post to it. What will they think of next?

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collision Wed 04-Jan-06 11:22:03

I totally agree. I cannot believe the crap they come out with. Like those awful looking premade cheese sandwich roll long does it take to make a cheese sandwich FGS??

And people will buy them!

XmasPud Wed 04-Jan-06 11:22:54

I saw that one too - or rather my DD1 did....

misdee Wed 04-Jan-06 11:24:03

i saw them in tesco the other week, how riduclous. they look like the wafers you get with ice cream sundaes.

Blu Wed 04-Jan-06 11:24:05

I remember those from long, long ago - before anyone was worried about sugar, health etc! they were FAB. They had a very synthetic vanilla-sih choc flavour, and the chocolate stuff was in a spiral pattern down a thick waxed paper straw. Wouldn't buy them for DS, though!

paolosgirl Wed 04-Jan-06 11:25:59

That's the thing - the manufacturers wouldn't spend thousands of pounds making these things if there weren't idiot parents out there buying them. Mine must be very hard done to...they had homemade porridge, wholemeal toast and milk (sans chocolate straw) for breakfast - and they are still alive!!!

collision Wed 04-Jan-06 11:26:55

Do you let your children eat coco pops?

paolosgirl Wed 04-Jan-06 11:27:37

Do I let them eat chocolate for breakfast? Er, no.

Furball Wed 04-Jan-06 11:28:59

I saw it too! It was almost like when of the joke adverts you see in sketch shows. Utter crap

misdee Wed 04-Jan-06 11:29:13

nope. tho they like cookie cereal, but a box has lasted for months as they only have it occasionally (like today, when i didnt have ant bread ready due to the powercut last night)

Flamesparrow Wed 04-Jan-06 11:31:42

Oooh, I saw that last night too - and was waiting for the thread to start on here

It just seemed a really bizarre idea - they seemed to be recommending those for breakfast... I don't see how a bowl of chocolatey milk is a breakfast... at least if they are eating just the coco-pops there is some solid food going in.

I'm not a great believer in children "needing" milk, so that probably makes me slightly more baffled than some people.

Oh, and Collision... Coco-pops are for Chrismas and birthdays only - purely left over from my childhood, I like em still, but even though I'm a grown up, I just can't bring myself to buy them if there isn't an occasion!!!!

TeddyRobinson Wed 04-Jan-06 11:33:35


Please - breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I'll be damned if they are going to get chocolate cereal for that!

Under my command, chocolate is only for after evening meal if lucky - rest of the day is no chocolate (unless at a party or something).

collision Wed 04-Jan-06 11:34:19

I agree but we went thru a phase with ds when he refused to eat so i did 'magic' and turned the rice krispies into coco pops and it worked and now he eats most cereals inc porridge.

i sometimes buy 'little packets' as a treat and he does like them. We tend not to ban things in our house and occasionally we allow him to have them. DH is italian and they eat cake and biscuits dunked in tea for breakfast!

paolosgirl Wed 04-Jan-06 11:36:06

We don't ban things - we just don't buy them

Blu Wed 04-Jan-06 11:38:58

"designed to encourage children to drink more milk" - not! designed to make more money fro manufacturers!
I honestly don't think they should be allowed to tout sugary synthetic crap under the guise of health.

crunchie Wed 04-Jan-06 11:43:42

Cocopops are holidays only, I get teh selection boxes.

Otherwise it is weetabix, porridge, cherrios or rice crispies.

vickiyumyum Wed 04-Jan-06 11:43:43

would never buy the coco pop straws, but the boys do occassionaly have coco pops, their usual ceareal is cornflakes or rice crispies, and they normally have toast and fruit as well, so the occassional bowl of coco pops isn't going to do them any harm.

we don't ban any food from our house, just select carfeully when we go shopping, and sometimes when the kids come with me they are allowed to choose one piece of junk! which is usually a selection pack of cereal or jaffa cakes in little boxes. we have made mistakes in the past and let them choose something utterly appalling for themselves such as pop tarts, but most of the time if it is something like that they soon realise that they don't like it and don't choose it again. (have to say that pop tarts is the one that has bitten me on the bum, as they actually like them and now i have to persuade them that they really want something else!)

Henry86 Tue 26-Feb-19 09:42:37

I think the majority of your a wrong! Why stop something from being made, it’s simple you have nothing better to do! Clearly!!!! If you don’t want your kids eating something just say no! And explain its un health and when there older let them make the choices for them selves.

FawnDrench Tue 26-Feb-19 17:53:38

Why on earth has this zombie thread from 13 years ago been resurrected?

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