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What can we have for dinner with mashed potato that doesn't take ages to cook and isn't sausages?

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bibbitybobbitybloodyaxe Wed 16-Nov-11 16:40:30

Got mountains of potatoes to use up, so am going to make mash. But what to have with? Mind has gone blank!

GypsyMoth Wed 16-Nov-11 16:41:22

Fish with parsley sauce...yum yum

Pascha Wed 16-Nov-11 16:42:19

Chicken breast sliced open and stuffed with soft cheese, wrapped in bacon
Quick garlic marinated chicken (half an hour to marinate)
Fishfingers grin

cjbartlett Wed 16-Nov-11 16:42:20

Fish fingers
Cheesy mash and beans

purpleturtletoise Wed 16-Nov-11 16:42:22

I would mash grated cheese into it, and serve with bacon and/or baked beans. Yum.

kenobi Wed 16-Nov-11 16:42:40

chicken with garlic and lemon. You can wrap breasts with garlic etc in tin foil and bake. Make gravy using chicken stock and lemon. Quick and easy.

purpleturtletoise Wed 16-Nov-11 16:42:44

Great minds, CJ smile

Pascha Wed 16-Nov-11 16:42:51

Cheese potato with bacon and beans?

Pascha Wed 16-Nov-11 16:43:05

corn beef hash

Pascha Wed 16-Nov-11 16:43:20

Pork chops, veg and gravy

HaveToWearHeels Wed 16-Nov-11 16:47:08

I second pork chops veg and gravy smile

Pascha Wed 16-Nov-11 16:51:03

Cottage/Shepherds pie (boring)

Pascha Wed 16-Nov-11 16:51:54

Or cook and slice them instead to go on top of bolognese sauce?

But I would do mash myself and eat itfrom the pan. Yum.

GypsyMoth Wed 16-Nov-11 16:56:21

I only like mash when it's cold!

mathanxiety Wed 16-Nov-11 16:56:29

Meatloaf and mash. mmmmmmm

Have you ever tried colcannon?

IceCreamCastles Wed 16-Nov-11 16:58:10

Chops? Fishfingers?

cjbartlett Wed 16-Nov-11 16:59:52

This thread is a bit pie in the sky cos who knows if the op has pork chops, baked beans or anything else

Maybe she just has a mound of potatoes :/

FellatioNelson Wed 16-Nov-11 17:05:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FellatioNelson Wed 16-Nov-11 17:08:04

OK, I'm going to be a bit more inventive. How about a creamy layered Dauphinoise potatoes with some chopped crispy bacon, and/or leftover chopped chicken if you have some, and something like spinach or cabbage and onions? All mixed up and baked? Yum.

LaVitaBellissima Wed 16-Nov-11 17:10:27

Liver, honestly so yummy, cut into slices pan fry with onions and some philadelphia and a slash of milk. Tis divine grin

Kellamity Wed 16-Nov-11 17:13:08

Have you got any cabbage? I made rumbledethump last night and DH asked if we could have it every night! Thinly sliced cabbage and onion, mixed together put in the bottom of a casserole dish. Top with about 100mls water then top with mashed potato. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over the top and bake for 1 hour - yummy! Bit like bubble and squeak but baked.

haggisaggis Wed 16-Nov-11 17:14:51

we're having corned beef hash tonight - probably with baked beans.

ButWhyIsTheGinGone Wed 16-Nov-11 17:15:11

Any pork loin you can cut into steaks? For some reason it's been half price at Tesco for aaaaaaaaages. I got a loin in my shop today for 9 quid and have cut up into TEN loin chops. Bargain!

bibbitybobbitybloodyaxe Wed 16-Nov-11 19:59:26

Oh dearest lovely Mumsnetters. Thanks for all the suggestions. In the end it was bubble and squeak (had cabbage and broccoli also to use up) with bacon, peas and brown sauce. Shameful yum.

But what a collection of brilliant ideas grin. Thank you.

FellatioNelson Thu 17-Nov-11 05:05:08

Well that sounds like a commoners version of my Dauphinoise potatoes with bacon and cabbage, so I win. grin

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