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Vegan, no potato, pasta or rice. Recipe ideas?

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Mummyinggnome Mon 07-Nov-11 17:15:00

I have a clients wife coming to supper who is vegan and doesn't eat potatoes, pasta or rice. So do any of you have any ideas?! I'm thinking chickpea tagine and couscous, but I was wondering if you could think of anything else?

Thanks ladies!

joanofarchitrave Mon 07-Nov-11 17:21:50


potato free borscht recipe here. Apparently you can get 'vegan cream' (who knew?) that could replace sour cream I guess.

mmm borscht

OneHandFlapping Mon 07-Nov-11 17:27:20

You might want to check that couscous is ok. it's close to being a type of pasta.

IndieSkies Mon 07-Nov-11 17:31:37

If she doesn't eat pasta, does she eat cous cous (both wheat)?

Something served with cornbread if you want to avoid wheat?

Some vegan curries and chappatis, if she does eat wheat?

If she eats pastry you can vegan-ise this recipe - use olive oil instead of butter for cooking, and use the vegan ready made puff pastry from the chiller in the supermarket (most shop bought pastry is vegan). And omit the cheese or use vegan.

IndieSkies Mon 07-Nov-11 17:32:28

Chick pea tagine v nice anyway, with a fab salad on the side.

NettoSuperstar Mon 07-Nov-11 17:33:40

Falafel, with various salads?

Xiaoxiong Mon 07-Nov-11 17:34:22

Wow that's really tough. Your plan for a chickpea tagine sounds great but I'd make quinoa instead of couscous to be sure that she can eat it. Wouldn't be surprised if she sprung on you that she couldn't have wheat or gluten.

ChippingInNeedsSleep Mon 07-Nov-11 17:36:22

Sounds like she's lo-carbing as well as being vegan. I'd do the chickpea T. & a lovely salad (oil based dressing on the side).

vixsatis Mon 07-Nov-11 17:36:27

What a nightmare! Chickpea tagine is a good idea. You could do some North African dips (aubergine, carrot etc) to go alongside and lots of pitta bread

Alternatives might be:
vegetable curry with chappatis (can be bought from supermarkt)
vegetable puree soup, such as carrot and coriander
garlicky tomato bruschetta with salad

pudding could be one of those cakes made with almonds and olive oil with fruit or jelly made with fruit juice, vegetarian gelatine and some raspberries or similar.

Make sure the wine is suitable for vegans.

I'd be having something sensible to eat beforehand

rushofbangerstothefire Mon 07-Nov-11 17:39:09

Serve with quinoa instead of couscous if wheat is the issue

Chick pea tagine sounds yum!

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Mon 07-Nov-11 17:40:06

something lentil - y? Quite often make slow braised lentils and have that with roast veg if I'm dieting. tasty but no dairy etc.

VeryStressedMum Mon 07-Nov-11 18:19:06

If she were coming to my house she'd have to bring a packed lunch!

colditz Mon 07-Nov-11 18:24:09

I would take her out to a restaurant.

And I'm putting a £5 bet on her actually being anorexic.

Methe Mon 07-Nov-11 18:27:08

I was going to say exactly what verystressedmum did.

Give her an apple.

lottiegb Mon 07-Nov-11 18:41:39

You need to know why the 'no carbs / specific carbs' rule - sounds like weight control, as potato isn't gluten. If that's the case, perhaps no need to suggest desserts!

Just in case - Lots of fruit-based things are / can be vegan, e.g. baked fruit, pies / crumbles depending on what fat you use for pastry / crumble topping. Much of the Jus-rol stuff is fine, made with veg oil). Swedish Glace vegan ice-cream is quite good (like a bog-standard dairy version), the soya cream and yogurts are ok too.

Chickpea tagine and salad is a great idea. Can do bulgar / couscous as an option. I'd have suggested risotto but that's very high-carb.

Places to look for other ideas (if you have time / inclination): (you can search for recipes by ingredient). (not as easy to search but some good ideas).

Yottam Ottolengi's book 'Plenty' is very good.

PoppadumPreach Mon 07-Nov-11 18:44:58

<, caponata> is great. Carbs in the aubergine. Absolutely delicious just by itself.

If you need a carb what about quinoa?

PoppadumPreach Mon 07-Nov-11 18:45:45

<< caponata>>

PoppadumPreach Mon 07-Nov-11 18:46:35

Sorry I've forgotten how to hyperlink and I'm not going to embarrass myself and do it wrong yet again!

Google caponata!

whostolemyname Mon 07-Nov-11 18:47:57

Blimey. No suggestions but good luck OP!

lottiegb Mon 07-Nov-11 18:48:22

Btw, I wouldn't bother with vegan 'cheese' it's generally not good and doesn't melt. The other 'fake dairy' stuff is mostly ok.

If you need a solid fat 'Pure' margarine is the one to go for in supermarkets.

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Mon 07-Nov-11 18:51:35

caponata for PPeach

moondog Mon 07-Nov-11 18:57:56

How rude.
If you have dinner at someone's house, you act charming and eat whatever you are given, unless for medical or very strong ethical reasons (eg meat).

ilovemydogandMrObama Mon 07-Nov-11 19:05:23

She eats bread? What about an herby lentil stew with breadcrumbs?

Or what about chargrilled vegetables with a tahini dressing?

Apple/walnut/pomegranate salad?

curried parsnip soup with ciabiatta?

bessie26 Mon 07-Nov-11 19:15:33

Chickpea tagine with quinoa & salad sounds yummy - can I come round too? <yum>

LoveInAColdClimate Mon 07-Nov-11 19:19:38

Christ on a bike, what does this woman live off? I bet she is a size zero. But chickpea tagine sounds yummy, also fancy the parsnip soup.

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