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help - lost my recipe for amaretti, chocolate and apple ..

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Mercedes Fri 30-Dec-05 19:46:06

I've volunteered to make a dessert for a new year's day dinner and lost the photocopy I was given 10 years ago with the recipe.
It included from memory chocolate, amaretti biscuits, apple, pumkin I think and possibly raisins. It wasn't a cheesecake but you stuck it in the oven after adding eggs ( can't remember if yolks, whites or both) and it sort of set like a custard.
Does this strike a chord? Any suggestions?
I've tried googling the recipe but don't get anywhere that contains all the above.

TreeFuses Fri 30-Dec-05 19:46:57

Message withdrawn

TreeFuses Fri 30-Dec-05 19:52:38

Message withdrawn

Mercedes Fri 30-Dec-05 21:18:30

Thank you, Thank you.
What a geat recipe this is. If I can't get pumpkin- any suggestions for a substitute? Mind you there's so much in this torte that I don't suppose it matters.

trefusis Mon 02-Jan-06 19:45:05

Message withdrawn

Mercedes Mon 02-Jan-06 22:40:37

It was yum - I can't remember why I stopped making this. I stuck in extra apples so it became appley and it was fine. I also realised that I had picked up prunes rather than figs but I chucked them in anyway.
My dp scoffed when I asked for mumsnet help but he looked really impressed at the speed of your response TreeFuses.
Ta mucho.

trefusis Mon 02-Jan-06 22:49:57

Message withdrawn

Mercedes Sat 26-Mar-16 13:58:55


9 years later I want to make my sorta again but the response with the recipe has been blanked out. Does anyone know this recipe?

I have made it since but not for ages and never wrote it down.

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