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Is pumpkin pie nice? does anyone have a good recipe?

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virgiltracey Thu 27-Oct-11 11:23:08

We will have the flesh from two medium sized pumpkins to use up. I've never tasted pumpkin pie. What is it like?

debka Thu 27-Oct-11 13:04:21

I made one last night to this recipe. It was simple to make and everyone enjoyed it. It wasn't very sweet though.

Beamur Thu 27-Oct-11 13:06:41

I had it once in America and it was vile. Seems a shame not to use the flesh from a pumpkin though, so I wait with interest to see what other people think.

WitchesBrewMakesItBetter Thu 27-Oct-11 13:08:48

Watching with interest as I promised to make North American refugees in my office a pumpkin pie for Monday but have never made, or eaten one before.

canyou Thu 27-Oct-11 13:30:25

I will let you know I have one in the oven so will so a taste test in 30 min,

virgiltracey Thu 27-Oct-11 13:36:04

Hmm. Doesn't look like somehting that will go down well in this house. I was imagining it to be more like an apple pie.

Any other pumpkin receipes anyone?

parttimedomesticgoddess Thu 27-Oct-11 13:39:19

I would go to BBC Good Food page here and enter pumpkin as a search. There's soup, cake (think carrot cake) and curry, and that's just the first page. HTH x

Prolesworth Thu 27-Oct-11 13:40:24

I love pumpkin pie smile

You can use pumpkin in place of squash in things like soup etc if you don't like the idea of pumpkin pie.

debka Thu 27-Oct-11 14:02:17

I put the remainder of my cooked pumpkin in the lasagne I was making at the same time- no-one noticed!

canyou Thu 27-Oct-11 14:05:18

Ok it is out of the oven and looks ok, smells like I put too much cinnamon into it.
Will try it with a up of tea but tbh not expecting much as I used a Tesco pumpkin

ItsMeAndMyPumpkinNow Thu 27-Oct-11 14:05:52

Pumpkin pie is the food of the GODS!

Don't have family recipe to hand though, sorry. Basically it's a shortcrust pastry shell, filled with spiced pumpkin custard: about 3 cups of mashed pumpkin flesh to 1 cup of milk (unsweetened condensed milk v good), an egg or two, and lots of lovely cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. And sugar. It tastes a lot less good without the sugar.

<drools. Will be making pumpkin pie this weekend.>

BehindLockNumberNine Thu 27-Oct-11 14:08:06

Is there a difference between the carving pumpkins you buy in Sainsbury and the eating ones they have in their vegetable section?

We bought two medium 'halloween pumpkins' (that is what it states on the label) for the dc to carve.

Will the flesh be edible?

Or can we only eat the flesh from smaller pumpkins found in the vegetable aisle?

ItsMeAndMyPumpkinNow Thu 27-Oct-11 14:11:54

The flesh of carving pumpkins is edible but watery and tasteless.

If you are looking to cook with a pumpkin, get one with dark, dense flesh.

YougreatPumpkinmousse Thu 27-Oct-11 14:15:40

this is the recipe I use and everyone loves it. We used a cup of carving pumpkin flesh and a cup of a smaller more orange squash flesh. it makes for a much richer flavour.

canyou Thu 27-Oct-11 14:16:40

I am sad it is ok but I expected it to be sweeter but DP has eaten half of one with vanilla custard so it maybe better then I think wink
I used 3 cups pumpkin, 1 cup sugar, 1 and half tin evaporated milk, 4 eggs, all spice cinnamon, ginger, cloves in a pastry shell

MindtheGappp Thu 27-Oct-11 14:19:23

Don't use fresh pumpkin flesh. It is horrible and stringy.

Use canned - you can get it in Waitrose.

punkinpie Thu 27-Oct-11 14:21:40

I'm nice.

YougreatPumpkinmousse Thu 27-Oct-11 14:23:49

Canyou - mine uses more sugar to less pumpkin.

Mind - I put mu pumpkin in a sieve to drain then wizz in the blender before I use it -No watery stringyness smile

ItsMeAndMyPumpkinNow Thu 27-Oct-11 14:30:02

Fresh pumpkin flesh is tasty and easy to prepare if you just halve and seed your pumpkin, put the two halves face down on a sheet of tin foil, and roast in the oven until the skin blackens and peels off easily. The flesh will be mashable, and the flavour deeper and slightly caramelised.

GetOrfMo1Land Thu 27-Oct-11 14:31:33

I am scared of pumpkins. You open them up, and they are all stringy and seedy, like something out of a horror film, like the Triffids.

I can't imagine wanting to eat something so sinister.

ItsMeAndMyPumpkinNow Thu 27-Oct-11 14:33:41

mmmh, and you can wash and toast the seeds with salt and spices, and have a lovely bowl of beer nibbles.

Pumpkins are wonderful!

SootySweepandSue Thu 27-Oct-11 14:36:09

When I lived in US I used canned pumpkin called Libby's. Works a treat.

startail Thu 27-Oct-11 15:11:10

No, it looks amazing, but it's yucky and over sweet.

Gigondas Thu 27-Oct-11 15:47:31

Pumpkin pie bit too sweet for my taste but pumpkin soup lovely- great recipe in Mary berry Xmas book for it

WitchesBrewMakesItBetter Thu 27-Oct-11 21:01:01

So in summary should I use fresh or tinned? Can I buy tinned in a reasonably sized Sainsbury's? Colleagues are no use, Canadian one says use tinned, American says fresh confused

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