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Red or White Meat - when to introduce??

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Emjay Thu 30-Oct-03 04:37:35

First time mum needs help. My DS is 6.5 months, loves all veges and fruit I give him. Everyone is recommending I start him on some meat to boost his iron levels, but how do I do it?

Red meat first or chicken or fish??

I don't want to fry meat in oil/fat, trying to be healthy. Is bbq okay? Do you cook meat in small amount of water (like poaching??) but will this be too bland?

Do i puree it and freeze in small amounts like veges or shouldn't I do this as reheating may encourage bacteria and I don't want food poisoning, especially with fish/chicken!!

Do you feed just the meat to see if DS takes to it, or do you mash it together with veges for first time tasting???

Is gravy a good idea too? Are there any simple recipes I should try??

Thanks in anticipation, I just don't know where to start!!

nursie Thu 30-Oct-03 08:44:28

Hi emjay. I'll be reading this thread with interest, as I was going to post exactly the same thing this week!
I was going to try grilling some chicken, then pureeing it and serving it with some mashed potato or swede. I think it's ok to freeze it and re-heat as long as you wait until it's cool before freezing it and only re-heat it once.
Anybody else got any suggestions ( preferably quite simple! )?

Bouj Thu 30-Oct-03 09:54:39

I've tried chicken and fish with DS (6.5 months) as per Annabel Karmel and Lorraine Kelly - poaching the fish in milk and doing the chicken in a casserole. Tasted quite mild, though DS is refusing anything savory at the moment!! I am going to hold off on red meat for a bit, until chicken and fish are more established. HTH

SofiaAmes Thu 30-Oct-03 21:33:46

If there are food allergies in your family, you should really wait a few more months. Don't forget that your baby will get most of his nutrition from breast milk or formula until he's one.

JulieF Thu 30-Oct-03 21:56:00

Definately white meat first. Its easier to digest and milder tasting than red meat. I made up a chicken casserole and pureed it for dd when she was just over 6 months. I didn't give her red meat until she was nearer 12 months.

Emjay Sun 02-Nov-03 21:48:20

Thanks mums, (sorry about time delays - we're in Australia).

I'll try the chicken first in the coming weeks. DS loves his milk, but I've noticed he doesn't seem to want all of it anymore - he takes between 3-4 oz less per day (usually first & last feed), possets each time now after a bottle (we have 4 x 9 oz per day + 2 small solid feeds) but his activity levels are still high.

That's why I thought he may be looking for something a little more substantial foodwise.

Any suggestions on why he would posset more now? The only change is we've stopped his single morning breastfeed, replaced it with formula. We've kept same brand formula all along, but now we use the second stage formula (6 months +) instead of newborn formula.

All veges & fruit introduced have taken well -- maybe bananas are too strong though???

JulieF Mon 03-Nov-03 19:10:41

It might be the second stage formula. The one time I tried dd with it (I got a free sample) she was up all night with stomach ache. It has a different constitution to first stage formula, can be harder to digest and the increased iron can make some babies constipated.

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