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Any ideas for a quick sauce to go with my pork steaks?!

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BarryStar Tue 25-Oct-11 17:29:36

That's it really. I have creme fraiche, tinned tomatoes and various other bits but I can't make my tired brain put any of them together to make a sauce! Tia.

SierraMadre Tue 25-Oct-11 17:33:51

Creme fraiche, meat juices plus hefty dollop of mustard - Dijon or whole grain.

coastgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 17:35:14

Saute some mushrooms, stir some cream through and reduce a bit. Season and it's done!

pointydog Tue 25-Oct-11 17:43:03

stock or cider, creme fraiche, dijon mustard

BarryStar Tue 25-Oct-11 17:54:07

Ooh thanks, wasn't expecting such quick answers.

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 25-Oct-11 18:28:32

If you've got a couple of apples to go with your mustard and creme fraiche, that works

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