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1 year old with v. small appetite

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Evita Wed 29-Oct-03 22:21:12

My beautiful little daughter is an absolutely dreadful eater. I know toddlers get fussy later but if she gets any worse I dread to think! At the moment she won't eat any breakfast at all but has around 4oz goats formula (won't drink cows), has half of one of 2 types of jar of meat and veg at lunchtime and maybe half a potato waffle, then nothing until tea which is baby rice, formula and fruit!! She's 1 and eating what you'd expect to give a 6 month old. But truly if I try anything else and I do often try all sorts of lovely things, she just won't eat anything. Also the only way I seem to get her to eat is with the t.v. on which makes me really sad as I'd love her to enjoy and be interested in eating. But I'm at my wits end. her weight dipped really badly at around 7 months and it's been a battle ever since.

Chinchilla Wed 29-Oct-03 22:27:14

Have you seen a doctor? If so, what did s/he say? If a child is growing well, then that is a sign that they are getting enough food, but you say that your dd has got a low weight...

Do you give finger food? What about buns, made with banana, raisins, bits and pieces? It is so hard, but your worry is probably transmitting itself onto her, and she is using it to play with you! They usually say that children will eat when they are hungry, but that is so hard to stick by. I am sorry that I haven't got any solid advice, but I hope someone on here has!

Evita Thu 30-Oct-03 21:37:33

Chinchilla, I have seen a doctor in the past and numerous nutritionists who have all given me advice that doesn't seem to work. I was told initially to give her less milk as she was breast feeding still 4-5 times a day. So I cut that right back but she didnt replace it with food! I don't think she's 'ill', she has enough energy and sleeps ok, though is a bit grumpy a lot of the time but that might be to do with her general temperament. I just don't seem able to get her to eat. Yes, I try finger foods all the time but apart from a little potato waffle, nothing passes the little lips.

miranda2 Thu 30-Oct-03 22:03:09

If the doctor says she's OK (go again if you're not sure), then I would say don't worry. My ds won't eat anything I cook him which is really upsetting, and I've had to learn to cope with his diet of spaghetti hoops, baby Organix jars, and (thankfully) some fresh fruit. The only rally upsetting thing is my friends describing him as a trailer trash baby!!! But hey, he's happy and healthy. Poss try grapes, salami, banana mashed into tinned rice pudding, all the baby Organix range - I only suggest these because they were surefire hits with ds. Oh, and ds often will only eat in front of the TV - I know, its grim, but sod it. And a year later he is getting much better (big triumph last month - he was carrying the broccoli home from the supermarket in his pushchair and started absentmindedly picking and eating florets!!!!!! since then broccoli florets have been 'treats', and he eats tehm raw when I grudgingly give them to him

aloha Thu 30-Oct-03 22:27:05

don't make it a battle. give her food in a 'this is nice but it's Ok if you don't eat it' way - so there's nothing for her to fight against. don't give attention to not eating, praise a good attempt. If she's underweight, then give her stuff like flapjacks and carrot cake for the calories - throw in a couple of chocolate buttons if you want! My ds really likes the triangles of Laughing Cow cheese eaten as finger food. Some kids are just skinny and picky though - I know several and it is definitely not their parents' fault.

hermykne Thu 30-Oct-03 22:35:15

evita see my thread shejust wont eat, my dd same age and eats less than yours!
have since tried mixed frozen veg as she can pick them up and shes beginning to eat, but its fits and starts.
i really got upset and panicky over it but the mumsnetters calmed and reassured me.
she has plenty of energy and hasnt been sick.

Evita Fri 31-Oct-03 11:30:20

Miranda, how old is your ds?

Hermykne, I did read your thread actually and it was helpful to hear the other moms replies to your problem which is so close to mine.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I think it's one of those things that's always going to leave one feeling worried isn't it? Oh, for a 'good eater'! Or just a 'reasonable eater'.

karen112 Fri 08-Jul-11 21:11:14

my 2 girls are the same 5yrs and 16months its just the way they are they will eat when they are hungery try not 2 panic its hard i know smile x

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