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bolognese sauce that I forgot to get into freezer - will it be ok?

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whenwillisleepagain Mon 24-Oct-11 19:46:11

Sorry, I am rubbish on food safety stuff - made a load of bol sauce the other day and ate some right away. Meant to freeze the rest but due to inset-day-induced forgetfulness, went out with the DCs and came home three hours after I first took it off the heat. Froze it anyway - my instinct is it should be ok as long as well-reheated. Do you think so?

thanks in advance!

Uglymush Mon 24-Oct-11 19:49:31

So how long after originally cooking it did you freeze it?

HettyAmaretti Mon 24-Oct-11 19:50:01

It'll be fine! I'm amazed it was even cold after 3 hours TBH, or was it quite a small pan?

whenwillisleepagain Mon 24-Oct-11 20:15:20

thank you both, yes it was 3 hrs after originally cooking when I froze it. Had always thought that one was supposed to let stuff cool before freezing. It was my first attempt for ages at being organised to eat some / freeze some, so I'm glad it has turned out ok

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