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feeding themselves

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nothingbyhalves Sun 23-Oct-11 22:16:46

Not sure where to post, but giving here a go!
Twin boys who are 22 months old. They love their food. I am battling to get them to use spoons and forks themselves. They are great at finger food, but hate using cutlery. They simply throw it on th floor and have temper tantrums. The best I can get is if I load up the spoons for them, and then after they have eated the spoonful they usually throw the spoon on the floor.

We have tried buying them novelty cutlery, I've made up a "special agent oso " how to use cutlery song, eating wth them as often as work allows, and giving them their favourite meals but meal times are becoming a nightmare. Am I expecting too much, is it normal for almost 2 year olds to still want to be fed? ANy afvice will be gratefully accepted. Thanks

MrsPresley Sun 23-Oct-11 22:50:53

It's been a long time since my lot were that age (10 - 28 now) but I dont think any of them were using cutlery properly that young.

Thinking about my grandchildren, the 4 year old uses cutlery (dont think she uses a knife though) but the 2 year old still uses his hands mostly or a fork if it's things he can "spear" quite easily but even then he will use his hands because it's easier/quicker grin

I know sometmes when I have him he will eat so much himself then want me to feed him but I dont know if he does that at home or he just knows I'm a softie grin

debka Mon 24-Oct-11 14:17:53

I would definitely not sweat it. Make mealtimes a happy time, use your cutlery yourself (obviously), and in time they will want to as well. They're still very young.

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 24-Oct-11 17:06:08

I think you need to employ some peer pressure. Invite slightly older children to tea and serve jelly and other delights with spoons. Lavish praise on the children that are eating with the spoons and your nearly 2 year-olds will want to copy them.

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