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Making a chocolate cake... what do you normally spread in between the top and bottom? Need a quick answer.

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BlackCatinaWitchesHatonaBroom Sun 23-Oct-11 14:06:17

As you can probably guess from the title I have not done a lot of baking before

Can anyone help?
What to put in middle?
How to make what you put in middle?

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lesstalkmoreaction Sun 23-Oct-11 14:08:43

Butter cream or jam or both, butter cream is just icing sugar and butter creamed together.

EEEEKinthebeeswax Sun 23-Oct-11 14:11:12

Add some cocoa powder to above buttercream recipe.

Save eek a slice!

lborolass Sun 23-Oct-11 14:11:37

I wouldn't put jam in a chocolate cake, as lesstlk says, cream icing sugar and butter (don't use Stork as it doesn't taste good in icing). I use 2oz butter to 4oz icing sugar for an average size cake but you can make more or less, just keep the proportions the same.

cookielove Sun 23-Oct-11 14:12:01

I would suggest for a novice the simpliest thing would be a buttercream. (which you can buy pre made)

My mum does a really nice 7 minute icing which is very like meringue, but very soft and creamy - oh heaven!!

BlackCatinaWitchesHatonaBroom Sun 23-Oct-11 14:12:28

How would I make butter cream? Does anyone know the amounts of icing sugar and butter?
Can you use marge? I have no butter?

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WOOOOOOOOManyBlossoms Sun 23-Oct-11 14:13:41

Nutella or chocolate spread. Asda do a white/milk chocolate spread which is gorgeous as a cake filling. In fact I've got a chocolate cake cooling right now ready to be filled with dark chocolate spread <healthy> grin

WhereTheWildThingsWere Sun 23-Oct-11 14:13:49

I like this one, should fill and cover an 8 inch cake

Chocolate fudge frosting
110g butter
90g baking chocolate
425g icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
175ml milk

Melt chocolate and butter in a bowl on top of a saucepan of simmering water (make sure the bowl doesn't touch the water). In a large bowl, combine icing sugar, vanilla and 120ml of the milk. Blend in the melted chocolate mixture. Add remaining milk, a little at a time, until it is thick and smooth..

Let stand until spreadable (frosting will thicken as it cools). Spread on cooled cake.

YougreatPumpkinmousse Sun 23-Oct-11 14:14:43

nutella and/or buttercream.

I use twice the amount of icing sugar to marg/butter and if it's too wet add a little more icng sugar, if it's too stiff add a tablespoon of milk.

BlackCatinaWitchesHatonaBroom Sun 23-Oct-11 14:16:51

Thanks all,
lborolass will give that butter cream a go smile

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GypsyMoth Sun 23-Oct-11 14:23:20

I use Betty crocker sometimes!

Iestyn1962 Sun 26-Apr-20 17:25:36

Would not recommend. Icing far too runny

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