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Advice desperately needed

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TicketToHull Sun 23-Oct-11 11:05:20

After years of furious coveting, we have finally decided to invest in a big kitchen appliance but I'm as torn as a torn thing. KitchenAid mixer thingum or a Magimix processor?

I love baking and that's what I envisage myself doing the most of (and I really want something to make icecream in but don't want to look too greedy) but obviously making meals has to happen everyday, which is why I'm hesitant to rule out the Magimix. Can the Magimix be used successfully for baking? And vice versa, can the KitchenAid accessories be used to convert it to a competent food processor?

Help please! I shall bake you a cake as a token of my gratitude and eat it with great relish grin

BleughCowWonders Sun 23-Oct-11 11:18:20

LOVE my magimix (got it last year) grin

I do some cakes in it, but love the grater/ slicer attachments. And makes lovely ice-cream.

And I love the fact that it has a small footprint so can stay out on the counter without taking over the kitchen.

An excellent buy for us (we got the biggest possible)

AgentProvocateur Sun 23-Oct-11 11:22:36

Ditto everything bleughcowwonders says. I use mine to make cakes, bread (not tried ice cream!) and it's just the perfect all-rounder. I also got the biggest one, and I love it.

Takeresponsibility Sun 23-Oct-11 17:23:59

I treated myself to a KitchenAid about 10 years ago, I have never used it as a food processor but I make bread, cakes, pastry, meringues and ice-cream in it almost daily.

It stays out on the side but be warned it is really heavy, I have mine sat on a wooden breadboard so I can slide it forward a little to use it (head tips back so can't use it right back against the wall which is where it lives.

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