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help me please with a holiday meal plan involving amongst other things fussy eaters, pescatarians on a diet and a low budget (very long)

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TheArmadillo Mon 17-Oct-11 20:48:41

Next week we are going on a caravan holiday with PILs (in seperate caravan). We'll eat out a couple of times but I need to do all breakfasts (that's easy enough) plus one light meal and one main meal for at least 4, probably 5 days. Caravan has cooker/hob/microwave/fridge but only a one shelf freezer. I will take a slow cooker and MiL will take hers if I ask her, plus I will take knives/peeler/whisk and probably a pyrex jug and my lidded saute pan if I can sneak it in. I'll take down any herbs/spices I need plus oil/flour/salt kind of stuff. Dh has banned me from taking the breadmaker and food processor and I no longer have a stick blender. I am going to try to do most the shopping on the way down.

I am stuck on the actual meal plan and I really need to get it done so can email to MiL and get her approval/adjustments. Slow cooker plus on site most days mean doesn't have to be speedy stuff.

Firstly Pil are pescatarians (eat fish but not meat) and stick to a low fat diet. They don't eat meat for dietry reasons so are happy to eat stuff that has had meat cooked in it and been fished out. MIL doesn't eat bread I think (though she does eat stuff with flour in like yorkshire puddings or couscous I'm pretty sure). They do eat very large portions though (are slim and healthy so clearly use it all).

Dh will not eat a meal without meat, possibly one meal a week can be fish at a push. He does not do cheese (unless a small amount melted on top of e.g. pizza), creamy/milk based sauces, eggs (e.g. omelette, quiche or similar), mushrooms, cauliflower, lamb or fatty meats or soups or rissotto or mashed potato.

Dd (14 months) is a good eater variety wise providing everything is meat or cheese based, except she doesn't do pasta (though I'll try her again this week). She prefers spicy stuff and gets bored with repetition. She will eat haddock as long as diguised. Hasn't got full set of teeth so food needs to be gummable. Also eats little quantity wise so needs reasonably high calorie food (though we can add to this with puddings for her)

Ds (7yo) is very fussy. No sauces (though we are beginning to introduce them), no rice, plain pasta (though we're trying pasta bake on him this week), plain foods as a general rule, potatoes as long as they are cooked in oil (roast/saute/chips), only fish he eats so far is haddock. Meat as long as no fat. Cheese providing not cooked. Good with veg as long as your basic carrots/peas/green leafy stuff kinda thing. Likes salad. Would not eat mince if you paid him.

Light meal I'll probably stick to make your own wraps with salad stuff, cheese, apple/raisins for dd, ham for dh (if I can talk him into it) or salami type stuff if I can't and PIL can provide own protein items as they like salad. Maybe couscous thing for MIL? I'll take soup for me.

Main meals are going to be the problem. One of the meals out will be a roast/carvery so don't want to do another. Basic stew/casserole is not popular either. The only ideas I can come up with so far are

Haddock, spinach (cooked or raw depending on personal preference), baby potatoes boiled for low fat version and sauted for non, with spicy chorizo and tomato sauce. Kids are happy with this (dd's favourite) and PIL will have to pick out chorizo. I'll need at least one more veg for PILs though.

Toad in the hole? plus kale/carrots/peas and onion gravy. We don't usually have potatoes with this but I get the feeling PILs will need them. Would boiled baby ones do?

Mine like slow braised pork & chorizo thing in slow cooker. Maybe I could get MiL to do something for them in her slow cooker to go with veg and rice? (ds will be happy with tortilla with his).

I have no more ideas. Of course there's the chance SIL with turn up for a couple of days, her eating preferences are very similar to dh but I'll have to find extra portions. I think I'll just have to ask her to pick up extras if she does.

Any ideas for more meals?

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 18-Oct-11 00:25:17

I'd pack my little kettle 'Smoky Joe' BBQ and a gazebo/windbreak to keep the rain off... Stick chops, burgers and kebabs on for your lot, something seafood/veg for the ILs.... add salads and maybe a bit of rice/pasta/spuds on the hob & Robert is your uncle. Cooking anything more complex than toast inside a caravan is hell on wheels (literally)

GlaikitFizzogOnaNeepyLantern Tue 18-Oct-11 00:28:45

I'm sorry but I thought your title said pussy eaters, I'm tired! Must go to bed!!

wicketkeeper Tue 18-Oct-11 17:39:29

I have this with my lot - vegan dsd, uber healthfood eating dp's, kids who won't eat anything unless it has ketchup on it, sil on a permanent diet etc etc. I just do buffet-type meals - then they can sort themselves out. Bowls of salad, variety of pizza/pasta dishes, maybe a quiche, tuna, nice bread, cheese. Just put it into bowls and let them help themselves. And stop thinking right now that you are actually going to be able to please all the people all the time.

TheArmadillo Tue 18-Oct-11 21:35:03

I gave up in the end and emailed MIL saying this is what we're having, these are the sides, you choose what you want to go with it for you. Am worried about the portion sizes but if they do their main bit and I said for them to suggest extra veg/sides if they wanted them then they should get as much as they want.

I don't mind buffet/picky meals occassionally but cannot eat them more than once a week, plus am doing them for lunch (which is why I am having soup).

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