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Slow cooker inspiration needed for fussy children

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TooTiredToArgue Mon 17-Oct-11 11:04:06

Can anyone help me? I need to cook something my fussy children will eat, preferably in my slow cooker (I'm still a novice!).

I have some chicken thighs, peppers, onions etc and my store cupboard is pretty well stocked. Any suggestions to make it knee bendingly delicious and healthy? Lentils perhaps???


Childpatch Mon 17-Oct-11 20:55:48


try keeping it simple

Cheap meat cuts work well

1 gammon joint, tin of cider, celery, carrot, onion. Leave it for the day, meat falls off joint and serve with mash.

Beef brisket joint, sweet potato, carrot, tin of beer, onion, leave it for the day. Again meat falls off the joint and you're done. Again meat falls off joint and serve with mash

Hot pot
stewing beef, carrot, potato, chop and leave for the day

good quality butchers sausages (don't scrimp) tin of chopped tomatoes, carrot, sweet potato

Hope that gets you started. We love our slow cooker, it's low effort and great on work days, do it, leave it and feel like a domestic Goddess

fergoose Mon 17-Oct-11 21:30:38

I do heaps of soup in mine, just load of veg like couple carrots, sticks of celery, 2 onions, about a cup of red lentils, couple rashers snipped bacon and tin of toms or passata and then about pint or so of water and a stock cube. simmer then blend.

Or just mix of any veg, half milk, half water and stock cube, can add bit of curry powder, chili even a tin of coconut milk. Blend again when done. Lovely with a bit of naan bread, or even samosas on the side. Bid of coriander and yoghurt on top for garnish is lovely.

Also oxtail soup in a slow cooker is the best, just carrot, onions, celery, couple potatoes and the oxtails and some water and 2 beef stock cubes. cook then remove bones and blend again. Not too strong a flavour but really lovely.

After blending if any of the above are too thick you can easily thin with a bit of water, milk or even swirl of yoghurt of cream.

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