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Yeast and sugar-free

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DijonMama Sun 16-Oct-11 16:17:24

My son is off both yeast and sugar for a month to try and get rid of a parasite that antibiotics aren't shifting. Not too bad for breakfast and dinner (he can have fruit and fructose) but I am struggling for lunchbox and snacks. AnY ideas???

Jdore Sun 16-Oct-11 18:23:47

All I can think of is rice cakes with phili and baby toms, pumpernickle bread with tuna & salad, sushi. I expect you have already looked at the wheat free ranges in the supermarkets.

MissWooWoo Wed 19-Oct-11 15:21:32

cheese and crackers
hummus and oatcakes
flapjacks made with fruit juice
spanish omlette wedges
potato wedges

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