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How to make italian pizzas like they do in a takeaway, does anyone know ?

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jenni75 Sat 15-Oct-11 18:39:32

Hi, does anyone know how to make italian pizzas like they do in a takeaway/ restaurant, i'd love to be able to know how to make them. Favourite toppings are mushroom, ham and mushroom and ham and pineapple, is it all in the pizza dough and tomato base ?

Purplebuns Sat 15-Oct-11 18:41:49

I want to know too, my PG craving is Pizza from the takeaway and is bankrupting and unhealthy. Sigh.

EssentialFattyAcid Sat 15-Oct-11 18:44:57

Homemade pizza is gorgeous - I use the recipe on mumnet recipes and bake on those lakeland circular metal pizza trays with holes in the base - much nicer than takeaway pizza!

Quodlibet Sat 15-Oct-11 18:50:00

We've made decent ones using the pizza dough setting on the bread machine.
Use strong white flour and olive oil in the dough.

Stretch out the dough rather than rolling it to keep the big air bubbles. Don't leave it to sit too long.
Key is a REALLY hot oven. Heat the trays while you stretch the dough.
Passata with a spoonful of sugar, salt, pepper and if you've got it a squirt of umami in as the tomato sauce.

Fresh mozzarella and toppings, in the REALLY hot oven and you're done!
Fresh basil on top.

bubbles4 Sat 15-Oct-11 18:55:39

I bought my pizza trays in tesco and i think sainsbury,s do them as well.

EssentialFattyAcid Sat 15-Oct-11 19:35:36

I make my tomato sauce by just stick liquidising a tin of expensive brand tinned toms with a bit of oregano

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