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What to do with left over syrup?

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bebeballroom Fri 14-Oct-11 09:11:52

(Posted in 'food' a couple of days ago)

I have been crystalising some figs for Christmas. This involves poaching them in boiling syrup every day for a week then drying them in the oven. I'm due to dry them on Friday (today!!) at which point I will have approx 2 litres of slightly figgy flavoured & beatifully deep purple/red coloured syrup left over!

I don't really want to just pour it away. Seems such a waste! It's getting very thick, like cordial, so I wondered if maybe I could make it into some yummy tasting winter cordial? Any ideas? Maybe introduce some spices or something?!

At the moment I'm considering steeping some sliced oranges, cinnamon, cloves & ginger in it overnight & then straining & bottling. What do you think? Can't find any recipes for fig cordial anywhere, but have made elderflower cordial in this way.

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