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What to do with leftover syrup...?

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bebeballroom Wed 12-Oct-11 16:27:16

I have been crystalising some figs for Christmas. This involves poaching them in boiling syrup every day for a week then drying them in the oven. I'm due to dry them on Friday at which point I will have approx 2 litres of slightly figgy flavoured & beatifully deep purple/red coloured syrup left over!

I don't really want to just pour it away. Seems such a waste! It's getting very thick, like cordial, so I wondered if maybe I could make it into some yummy tasting winter cordial? hmm Any ideas? Maybe introduce some spices or something?!

PastGrace Wed 12-Oct-11 16:41:10

Could you maybe mix it with champagne/cava/prosecco to make a sort of kir royale? Maybe add some spices to make it a bit more wintery, but I wouldn't really know what... Would it be nice diluted with hot water?

Do you eat porridge? Use it to sweeten that in the morning?

I often boil up dried apricots and prunes to chop up and mix through cous cous and the syrupy water left is fab to make the cous cous with to boost the flavour a bit more.

bebeballroom Wed 12-Oct-11 16:56:33

Was thinking it might be quite nice warm in winter. It doesn't have a very strong flavour, so would just make the champagne etc a beautiful colour.

I might boil it up & then steep some oranges and spices (possibly ginger, cinnamon & cloves) in it over night then strain it & bottle it. Spiced fig & orange cordial sounds quite nice to me! confused

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