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Box box of apples - how to store? and what to do with them??

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CocktailQueen Wed 12-Oct-11 11:02:16

Hi - does anyone know how best to keep apples?? Have a big box of them.

Also, I can do sausage and apple pie and apple crumble but does anyone have any recipes for lots of apples? They're eating ones, as opposed to cookers. Thanks!

CristinadellaPizza Wed 12-Oct-11 11:06:55

Wrap them individually - in newspaper if you have to. Keep in a cool dark place (garage, shed).

Tarte tatin? Apple jelly? Apple chutney? They should keep for a fair while though

CaptainNancy Wed 12-Oct-11 11:24:45

I make lots and lots of compote/apple sauce and freeze in ice cube trays so the children can have it on porridge, in yoghurt etc. V good if you have a glut of plums too wink

gastrognome Thu 13-Oct-11 16:49:13

Just make sure you sort carefully and remove any bruised or marked ones as they will quickly go mouldy and turn the others bad. Just eat up the bruised ones first or turn them into stewed apples and freeze for use in pies and crumbles, etc.

If you can be bothered, you can wrap the apples in twists of newspaper and store them on a shelf or in boxes in single layers. If they aren't touching each other they should keep longer.

CocktailQueen Sun 16-Oct-11 19:42:08

Thanks smile Have made apple chutney; apple and tomato soup, apple compote and apple and mint sorbet!!! smile

boogiewoogie Sun 16-Oct-11 22:57:37

I've just made a quantity of apple and ginger jam this evening and have posted the recipe onto another thread. I'll do a copy and paste here.

boogiewoogie Sun 16-Oct-11 22:58:25

Apple and Ginger Jame
3 pounds of apple (including core and peel)
3 pounds of sugar
1 oz root ginger, bruised
4oz chopped crystallized ginger

Peel and core the apples.
Put the peel and core in a muslin with the root ginger and fasten.
Chop the rest of the apples and put it in a preserving pan with 1 pint of water.
Put the muslin bag on top of the apples and turn on the heat to cook the apples until they are tender. The bag should sink when the apples are cooked, about 30 minutes.
Remove the bag and squeeze gently to extract the pectin. (I put it in a pan and squeezed it against the side and poured the liquid back in the apple mixture).

Add the sugar and crystallised ginger and put on a low heat until the sugar has dissolved, takes about 30 minutes but test by dipping a wooden spoon and look for sugar bits.
When the sugar has dissolved boil rapidly for about 15 minutes or so. Do the set test by putting a blob of the mixture on a cold plate (made cold in the freezer for 10 minutes at least). Leave for a bit then use your little finger to test whether it wrinkles. If it wrinkles then it's ready. Don't be put off by it looking too drippy, do the test.

Decant in hot sterilised jars. Yields 5lbs or 5 standard sized jam jars.

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