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elegant little nibbly bits

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hairymcleary Wed 12-Oct-11 05:43:15

just looking for some inspiration- I have to take a plate to a baby shower this weekend. It's between 3-5pm, so am looking for afternoon tea type suggestions. Would love to take something quick to make, but that has an elegant wow factor... I can bake and am quite a good cook, but am time poor!

Tortoiseinadarkspell Wed 12-Oct-11 05:51:15

Little baby quiches? Get some frozen puff pastry, cut into strips and drape 2 strips over muffin holes to form a cross (or cut pastry to fit holes, but that takes longer), fill with quiche mixture - egg, cheese, leek and pea? Smoked salmon? Etc.

Or posh little sausage roll things - again with the frozen puff, but make a sausage mixture, like pork and fennel, or chicken and pinenut, and a homemade sauce?

I'm always so grateful when people bring something non-sweet to these things.

FearfulYank Wed 12-Oct-11 05:59:42

Mini Caprese Salads? Tomato slice, round of fresh mozzarella, basil leaf, kalamata olive, secured with a pick and drizzled with olive oil and balsamic?

Or wrapped like this ?

Tortoiseinadarkspell Wed 12-Oct-11 06:14:19

Ooh, that sounds like a fabulous idea. Yum.

frenchfancy Fri 14-Oct-11 06:58:03

I made smoked salmon paté the other week which was delicious

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