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Roast ham

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FrillyMilly Mon 10-Oct-11 20:29:45

Decided to do roast ham for christmas but I've never done it before. Any one got any tips for a great roast ham with a crunchy top? Can't glaze it in honey though as DH doesn't like it. I'm planning a trial run between now and the big day.

Try boiling it in coca-cola. I know some people really look down on it but my family love it. It's a Nigella recipe, just google it. But in essence you put a 2kg ham in 2litres of Coke (other inferior colas will not do!) with an onion and a carrot, boil it for an hour an a half, cool it, then stud it with cloves, smother it in treacle, then a layer of wholegrain mustard and bake for half or three quarters of an hour.
The coke left over makes amazing gravy too smile

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