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small edible letters - where? how? when? In a flap.

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bottlebank Mon 10-Oct-11 13:15:33


DS2&3 having joint party on Sunday. Due to sudden family drama completely neglected to order the personalised cake they were desperate for in time (remembered at about 1am on way home this morning).

Marks and Spencers no help, Waitrose can sell us similar (and will still delight the DCs), BUT can't do the personalisation and sounds like the nice man is doing us a favour so don't want to push it.

The cake will have space for personalisation. I am a hopeless and cackhanded baker/decorator (hence buying in a cake!), and feel unable to attempt it with the glittery writing icing gels I have available.

I think one can buy sugar letters (they would need to be small though), but can't find them on the internet - only those huge ones - and the ones I can find won't arrive in time.

Lakeland doesn't seem to have them and that's my usual go-to for cake stuff.

Does this product exist? Am I searching using the wrong terms? Where can I find them?

squashedfly Mon 10-Oct-11 13:47:33

Hi, I have no idea where you can get the proper ones, but in an emergency you could use these you can buy them in most newsagents etc. Just pick out and use the white ones so its not too girly! It wont be perfect but might look okay if you are desp!! Btw secure each letter with a blob of icing.

verlainechasedrimbauds Mon 10-Oct-11 13:49:34

I think lots of the big supermarkets sell them in the cake-making bit.

squashedfly Mon 10-Oct-11 13:50:28

sorry! these

GladbagsAndYourHandrags Mon 10-Oct-11 13:51:34

Do they have to be edible? If not, print off names, stick them on card, stick to cocktail stick, stick in cake.

zandy Mon 10-Oct-11 14:08:19

bottlebank Mon 10-Oct-11 14:21:00

Thankyou! some great ideas! The space for the names is like a scroll on a pirate chest so I think it needs to lie on it but I'll have a play around.

The supermarkets near here only seem to have writing icing and moulds for really big (chocolate? jelly?), letters. Will keep looking.

YougreatPumpkinmousse Mon 10-Oct-11 14:28:25

You can buy food pens which you can write the names on the scroll with. If I am thinking of the same cake, the scroll already has 'Happy birthday' written/printed on on it and is on the lid of the chest, so you could just write their names in.

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