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gluten/wheat intollerance suffers over here please

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addictediam Mon 10-Oct-11 11:12:24

Dh is showing some signs of having a gluten/wheat intollerance but hes too busy to go see the dr to sort it out properly hmm I put him on a 2 week gluten free diet and he really started showing signs of improvement. The problem was he found the food 'boring' and found it difficult to buy lunches at work. He is finally (after 8 weeks being back on gluten) that there may possibly be a problem and would like to give a gluten free diet another go for longer.

So what I need is lunch ideas. He didn't like the genus bread, he doesnt have a fridge or microwave at work so I need lunch box ideas that are easy, dont need to be reheated or refrigeration.

And also dinner ideas, I have a slow cooker so anything for that would be good

Anyone got any ideas?


PattySimcox Mon 10-Oct-11 11:22:22

Dinner ideas are fairly simple - chilli and rice; shepherds pie; fish pie; roast dinners etc - basically pastry, pasta and bread have to be replaced by rice or potatoes, although some of the gf pasta is fairly palatable nowadays.

DH bought a mini fridge from Argos to keep under his desk to keep his lunch fresh - not sure if that is an option? It certainly widened his choices a bit. He tends to take a salad to work - potato salad for carbs or gf pasta salad - has to be made rather than bought as he's also dairy intolerant.

If he can get out to a supermarket then he could grab a salad and cooked meat from the rotisserie counter, or if eating in a cafe then a baked potato.

Deli counters are a reasonably safe gf option - egg tortilla, meats, tapas etc

CMOTdibbler Mon 10-Oct-11 11:25:03

Lunches - the best sandwiches are made with gf pitta breads. You need to toast them lightly before making up, but then they are fine. I buy gf cornish pasties and sausage rolls from Lifestyle and keep them in the freezer - they'll defrost by lunchtime. GF pasta salad. Rice salad. Boiled new potatos with mayo, cold roast chicken, tinned sweetcorn or tuna mayo. Rice with cold chicken and sweet chilli sauce. I like cold pizza (made with Brazilian cheese bread base), but I'm weird

Anything that needs to be kept cold, get an insulated lunchbag and add gel blocks.

Get a wide mouthed flask, and the world is your oyster - left overs, soup, chilli, Heinz beans and sausages, even jacket potatoes

For dinners, you can adapt any recipe you use - just check ingredients

MaryBS Mon 10-Oct-11 11:28:09

GF pastry is pretty good, although a bit crumbly. I use it to make sausage rolls (with GF sausages).

Potato salad is another option

lesstalkmoreaction Mon 10-Oct-11 11:35:50

while he is eating gluten I would ask the doctor for a blood test to see if he has coeliac disease or if he just has an intolerance.
Best bread I buy as a coeliac are dietry specials brown ciabatta rolls, they are like granary and can be used from the bag. Also get yourself the doves farm gluten free self raising flour and the plain flour and just use it like normal, sometimes you need to add a bit more liquid but I use it all the time for all the family. My other staple food is rice and crackers made from corn. I eat a small amount of oats as flapjack but can't tolerate much.
Theres a firm called gfree who make fab pasties which I occasionally bulk buy. Which seems to have changed its name to baked to taste but the ready made pastry is brilliant especially the sweet pastry although its easy enough to make.

lesstalkmoreaction Mon 10-Oct-11 11:37:00

You can buy a coeliac test that you can do at home but I don't know much about it, perhaps worth trying coeliac uk for information.

addictediam Mon 10-Oct-11 11:39:32

Your all so clever! I hadn't even thought of half these ideas blush and he just won't think about it [head, sand ostrich emotocon]

He travels the country so has a diffrent office every day so mini fridge not an option. But I never even considered a lunch box or flask type thing.

I think I'll be off to Tesco this afternoon.

It's also his 30th birthday today I'm unable to bake a cake (pg, have dd and also quite ill) so does anyone know where i can get a cake today?

CMOTdibbler Mon 10-Oct-11 11:45:13

Sainsburys have choc or vanilla sponge cakes with buttercream filling, or M&S do a gorgeous choc and cherry cake in their FF section

addictediam Mon 10-Oct-11 11:45:38

Lesstalk he just won't go, he can't see the problem its something hes always delt with so although its got worse in the last 3 years he can't see the need to do anything about it. But when he finally concedes I'll make sure he is eating gluten.

MaryBS Mon 10-Oct-11 12:00:41

I like the Warburtons products best, better than the Genius. The bread is softer and the rolls aren't too bad. Most GF bread needs toasting to make edible

PattySimcox Mon 10-Oct-11 13:03:24

Addicted you mentioned that he is travelling a fair bit - not sure if this is any help but you can get mini fridges that plug into a car charger like this kind of thing or if you are willing to spend a bit more then this has a heat setting so he could plate up a hot meal to eat

lesstalkmoreaction Mon 10-Oct-11 16:54:37

Just as a warning sometimes when you first go on a gluten free diet it can make you intolerant to lactose so you end up with a load of confusing symptoms. Perhaps find out about the test you can buy on the internet.

ppeatfruit Wed 12-Oct-11 14:03:04

addicted We are both intolerant of wheat, not coeliac, so i buy the Waitrose and Sainsbos rye bread, pumpernickel, ryvitas (check the labels 'cos they're putting wheat in almost everything nowadays). I also make bread and cakes and pancakes with kamut and rice flour sometimes spelt; because i don't eat potatoes and there's potato flour in the G.F. flour.BTW DH said the pancakes i made were better than wheat ones!!

Sadly lesstalk Dh is also intolerant of dairy (it gives him asthma) and he's not on a GF diet IMO it is to do with him being O' type : see Peter D'Adamo Blood Type Diet it's quite an eye opener.

addictediam Wed 12-Oct-11 14:27:39

Lesstalk dh was lactose intollerant as a child, but his mum said it was rubbish and hust a phase so kept giving him milk until he was fine which was around 10 I think (i think he must have grown out of it) do you think it could be linked? Should he also be on a lactose free diet?

Dd has a cmp allergy, so its not like its not in the family (although I did only find out about it when trying to get dd diagnosed mil said 'oh ds had something similar when he was little, i just kept telling him off till he stopped throwing up, and complaining of stomach ache I was so pleased when he was toilet trained as it ment i didnt have to deal with the awful nappies anymore. It's all a load of rubbish if you ask me' sad shock angry

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