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Mumsnet jury: should I use this cheese or not? - Urgent

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LadyPeterWimsey Sun 09-Oct-11 15:36:00

I am making some lasagne at the last minute, and was going to put mozzarella on top. Grabbed the packets of fresh mozzarella balls out of the fridge - and the labels say Best Before 6/9. I have opened them and rinsed them under the tap and they look and smell fine.

WWYD? Do NOT want give anyone food poisoning (guests are abunch of hungry students - not that it matters.

ChippingIn Sun 09-Oct-11 15:37:05

If it looks and smells OK and has been kept cold in the fridge, I would.

Bellie Sun 09-Oct-11 15:38:26

I would - especially as you are cooking it.

yellowraincoat Sun 09-Oct-11 15:38:35

If it smells ok/isn't slimy and is being cooked, I'd go for it.

HazeltheMcWitch Sun 09-Oct-11 15:38:37

I would too - it's passed the sniff test, that's the clincher!

fastweb Sun 09-Oct-11 15:38:54

Love Food Hate Waste indicates best before refers to taste not sicky causing issues...if I've read it right.

LadyPeterWimsey Sun 09-Oct-11 15:43:38

Great! Any nay-sayers before I pop it on?

Fastweb - thanks for link. I assumed that was true for all best before products but have only ever seen Use By dates on dairy products. Is this some new thing, or because it is from Aldi?

Trills Sun 09-Oct-11 15:45:20

Definitely use it - it looks and smells ok and is going to be cooked.

Yawner247 Sun 09-Oct-11 15:45:57

Go for it lady we always use mozzarella past it's sell by date and we are all alive and well to tell the tale....Mmm lasagne wink

BluddyMoFo Sun 09-Oct-11 15:48:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyPeterWimsey Sun 09-Oct-11 15:51:05

Are you teasing me, BMF? Because if so, this is NOT a good time! grin

If you're not, then tell me, because I haven't put it on yet.

PetiteRaleuse Sun 09-Oct-11 15:56:53

You'll be fine - it's been in the fridge and smells OK, looks OK etc etc

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sun 09-Oct-11 16:00:10

Best before and not use by, it means you can use your senses to tell if it is ok.

if you think it is ok then it should be!

GeraldineAubergine Sun 09-Oct-11 16:36:37

Off mozzarella really smells horrific, you would know the smell, trust me smile

fastweb Sun 09-Oct-11 17:02:40

* I assumed that was true for all best before products but have only ever seen Use By dates on dairy products. Is this some new thing, or because it is from Aldi?*

Aldi is eurotrash land, like where I live, so its "use by" date as standard I think.

I've only seen "best before" in the UK and got all confused, cos was it advice or an order?

GarrottingItLaldy Sun 09-Oct-11 17:08:20

Use it.

There is little reagrd paid to food dates in this house. We ate some (cooked) haloumi a few days ago that was dated 16th June 2011. It was perfectly fine.

<must check what's at the back of the fridge more regularly>

CointreauVersial Sun 09-Oct-11 17:13:06

It's cheese, it's already "off"! It'll be fine.

I gave DS1 a yogurt dated 18th September yesterday, he didn't even notice.

Save me a portion of lasagne.

LynetteScavo Sun 09-Oct-11 17:15:39

It'll be fine.

I would't suggest serving it uncooked to babies or the elderly, but in a lasagne to students, no probs.

virgiltracey Sun 09-Oct-11 17:20:34

definitely fine

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