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Food for 17 month old.

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mrsrvc Mon 03-Oct-11 12:38:58

I would love some inspiration.

At the beginning I made a real effort to make my baby a really wide range of food and he has always loved his food.

But the last few months I have been SO busy with work that things have deteriorated and tbh he has been eating a LOT of pasta, baked beans, eggs etc. But suddenly he has gone off pasta. I have been giving him it with all sorts of sauce which has been great as they are easy to make and batch freeze and ensure that he gets a fair whack of veggies and now I am not sure what to do!

I tried a stew on him last week and he hated it, fish pie ditto.

I could really do with some inspiration as to what to give him. He struggles to eat veggies ( other than peas and sweetcorn) unless they are in something and to be honest I am out of inspiration.

I used to be a great cook, but a toddler, another pregnancy and a busy work life have left me feeling a bit flat about it all.

Can you please help?!?

TheArmadillo Mon 03-Oct-11 13:26:07

I find with dd (14 months) that she got bored of bland food so I give her spicier food that we are eating. And lots of little bits that she can pick and choose. Asda do a frozen mixed veg which has peas, sweetcorn, carrots and green beans all diced to a perfect pincer grip size, so still peas but with a bit extra in as well for variety (otherwise we have the same problem with peas and corn on the cob being apparently the only acceptable vegetables hmm).

Her favourite meals are
Poached haddock mashed up in a spicy tomato & choritzo sauce
chilli con carne mixed with rice
chilli noodles (dh's homemade creation of bacon, noodles and various spices with occassional onions and carrots)
roast dinner
sausages with anything

mostly meaty stuff in spicy sauce mixed with rice or with potatoes on the side, so long as it is dumped on her tray and she can feed it herself with her hands. She gets very sick of foods if they are repeated too often no matter how much she likes them to I have to mix it up a lot. I cook everything without salt so she has whatever we have. She'll eat pretty much anything (except pasta and broccoli) as long as you don't give her too much bland stuff. Obviously ds (7yo) will only eat repetitive bland stuff <headdesk>

mrsrvc Mon 03-Oct-11 13:38:11

Thanks. I think I've been being far too repetetive. I'll try more spices. He used to love an AK curry I used to do, but have been too lazy recently.
Chorizo is a good idea. He loves sausages, so that is a good plan. Maybe I'll get some merguez too.
It's really hard because sometimes he just looks at his food, shakes his head and gives it back to me... Very disheartening!

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