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Calling cake experts - I need urgent topping ideas for an orange polenta cake?!?

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StrangewaysHereICome Thu 29-Sep-11 19:36:52

Bugger - I have just finished the cake and was warming up some freshly squeezed orange juice and sugar to drizzle over. But I forgot to take it off the heat while getting the cherubs to bed blush so I now have a burnt caramel bottomed pan and no more oranges!

It's for a coffee morning tomorrow and the cake will be pretty bland without a glaze. Trouble is I don't have much else - one wrinkly lemon, a handful of strawberrys, some frozen raspberrys, honey, greek yoghurt, icing sugar ... what do you think?

Why have a I made something for the first time and buggered it up at this time of night confused ?!

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