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"cook from frozen" meat and slow cookers

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sofargoner Wed 28-Sep-11 08:47:24

Help! Have been googling and am much confused.
I have got a new slow cooker which I expect to revolutionise my life <g>
Today is its first outing - I have a lovely "cook from frozen" gammon joint and I was just going to pop it in but the net is full of dire warnings not to cook from frozen in a slow cooker unless you want fod poisoning.

I am presuming this refers to fresh meant bought and then frozen and not specific supermarket "cook from frozen" joints .....

Can anyone help?
Am going out for the day shortly and am hoping this first use will result in a lovely meal......

SexyDomesticatedDab Wed 28-Sep-11 11:02:42

Never had a cook from frozen joint - can't see it working in a slow pot!! The temperature it reaches would not be hot enough. How can a cook from frozen gammon joint ever be lovely hmm???

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