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anyone ever made their own pectin?

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muslimah28 Mon 26-Sep-11 14:35:08


ive been given a carrier bag full of cooking apples and am planning on making pectin for use with jam making with them. i read a website that said you could cook and puree without peeling and coring, has anyone done this? i don't have a mouli or potato ricer, just a sieve and muslin and spoonsmile any other tips?

many thanks

RuthChan Mon 26-Sep-11 19:59:16

Pectin is not something you make. It is naturally found in the fruit and will help the jam to set.
The elements needed to make jam set are the fruit, sugar and acid (to make the pectin work).
I have been making apple jam this year and have been using the following recipe:

2700g apples
2200g sugar
1100ml water
3 lemons; juice and rind
5 cloves
1 cinnamon stick

This recipe only uses the pectin naturally found in the fruit.
You can use less sugar if you add extra pectin from a pack. In that case, follow the recipe on the pectin pack.

You have a choice of chopping, peeling and coring the apples first, which will give you small pieces of fruit in your jam, or
cooking the fruit into a puree whole, including cores and skin, which will mean that you need to filter the puree through your muslin to remove them. This will give you a smooth jelly rather than a jam.

Whichever you choose, once you have your puree, you can add the sugar, lemons and spices.
Boil the mixture hard for at least 10 minutes.
Then check for setting by putting a couple of drops onto a cold plate. If the surface forms a skin after a minute or so, the jam should set.

You can then put it into sterile and warmed jars.

muslimah28 Mon 26-Sep-11 21:53:48

Thanks Ruth. Sounds like a lovely recipe. I have a preserving book which has a recipe for pectin which I plan to then freeze in small portions to add to my jam when I make it,rather than use shop bought pectin. Thanks.

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