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glut of sage - what can I do with it?

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CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 25-Sep-11 14:39:46

other than stuffing for birds?

Nice with butternut squash and pasta.

SheCutOffTheirTails Sun 25-Sep-11 14:47:20

Damn you Remus, that's what I was going to say <shakes fist>

Now it looks like there are only two things to do with sage. grin

Oh, oh - it makes a great herb for sausage pasta with tomatoes and cream.

Also nice in a lemon and sage risotto.

I LOVE sage. smile

AlysWorld Sun 25-Sep-11 14:50:06

If you're that way inclined you could burn it as it's meant to clear negative energy.

Of if you're another way inclined you could use it as an antiseptic.

Or if not you could make a lovely cabbage pasta bake, with cabbage, sage, cream, stock and pasta, baked in the oven with parmesan on top.

titan Sun 25-Sep-11 14:51:55

You can freeze it then use when necessary. I mostly use with butternut risotto too.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 25-Sep-11 14:53:05

bleurgh....i knew someone would bring up the evil that is squash wink
sausagey pasta and lemon risotto sound nic

tethersend Sun 25-Sep-11 15:01:41

butternut squash and sage risotto

chicken and mushroom pie with sage

chicken wrapped in pancetta and sage leaves and sealed in the pan, roast for 20 mins and serve with braised lentils

Sage butter for pasta- melt butter, add chopped sage, fry for a minute, take off heat, add lemon juice.

SheCutOffTheirTails Sun 25-Sep-11 15:05:02

oh yes, sage butter. use it on thick noodles (pappardelle for preference, tagliatelle also good).

Nice if you add a few pine nuts to it

AND delicious with some...


4merlyknownasSHD Mon 26-Sep-11 10:28:46

Sage Jelly, for use with hot (and cold) roast meats.

MrsWednesday Mon 26-Sep-11 11:15:09

Had never heard of sage jelly so I have googled it - perfect as I have got loads of cooking apples and an abundance of sage to get rid of. Thanks!

berri Tue 27-Sep-11 02:12:19

These two are both great recipes using a load of sage...

By the way I never bother with the rosemary/garlic/lemon at the end, don't think it adds anything.

piprabbit Tue 27-Sep-11 02:17:57

Gnocchi with pancetta, sage and cheese. (works with pasta and bacon).

Chicken wrapped in bacon with sage.

Pan friend pork escalopes.

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