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Quinces - help!

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feetheart Sun 25-Sep-11 10:28:24

Bought a 2lb bag at local Guide fair yesterday and was given another 2 bags free as it was the end of the day.

Will try Quince Jelly but anyone got any more ideas as neighbour has promised me some too?

Terpsichore Sun 25-Sep-11 10:32:44

You need this blog, feetheart. As the name implies, quinces feature highly! (although I recommend it anyway as a very amusing read). If you look at the list of topics on the left-hand side, you'll find 'quinces' , which links to all sorts of recipes. I intend to make use of some myself, since my neighbours have also given me a bagful of them...

feetheart Sun 25-Sep-11 10:35:36

Brilliant - a foodie blog. Perfect, thanks smile

Barbeasty Sun 25-Sep-11 10:37:30

They are lovely added to apple dishes, like crumble & pie. Just remember they brown quickly.

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